Saturday, September 01, 2018

About being respectful

I would like to share my experience about this subject,  i. e.  Respect.  It's a simple word but not easy to apply in our daily lives. 

Recently, the gray sky seemed to be replaced by a sunshine so bright we all felt it with the changing of Malaysia's government.  Right after GE14, I started a new job.  It was like a new hope and definitely a new beginning.

The first day at work already a major flop.  I reported to duty 15 minutes late because I miscalculated the traffic as it was my first time driving to work on a busy Monday.  Furthermore,  I had a stomachache so I went into the washroom first. I was appalled that I was called to the boardroom by a young boss who preached me about being punctual and show of good example to others. I was forced to apologise. It was really insincere apology coz I don't feel it in my heart to apologise but I said it anyway. That's the first welcome I received. 

And I was given an appointment letter afterwards stating the amount of salary that has been creatively altered as from what was agreed upon during the interview session.  My second shock of the day but I signed it anyway. I don't want to easily be calculative towards the company. 

After not even a month in the employment , I was being humiliated many times in the meeting.  All my setbacks were being mentioned loudly and viciously for all to hear. It was more like a fault finding exercise rather than solution. I lost the respect of my subordinates and colleagues as they thought I was incapable. 

Accomplishments were not being acknowledged and I lost most of my Saturdays and Sundays having to work on events. The bosses treated the staffs like slaves and robots.  We were not allowed the freedom to express our potentials.  The customs and ways of doing things were solidly planted.  You just feel like you are stucked there. There were never suttle ways of addressing issues and people.  Your emotional zen was being bulldozed and disrupted. You lost your peace.

The moral of the story here is that if you are a leader,  you need to show what a good leader supposed to be.  Leaders don't simply give orders.  They need to show how it's being done.  Then you get people to follow your examples.  Then you get loyal supporters who will back you up all the way to success.  Leaders compliment staffs in the crowd but address short falls in the private.  Leaders respect their subordinates and so they gain respect in return. Success can't be achieved alone.  It's not a one man show.  Please lah....  I got sick of it all and I left after a mere 3 months. 

I guess leadership skills are absent in many leaders nowadays. Egos and sense of entitlements keep hindering them from learning. I am not teaching leadership skills here.  I just want my readers to know,  we are just a human being living a temporary life. We might be on top today but you wouldn't know one day the wheel will start rolling downwards. When that happens, how are you going to face it?  Malaysia has seen it first hand. This is a lesson for all of us.

Life is a mystery.  God is the most perfect planner. Be humble always.  Respect all that you see around you, even your environment like the trees and the soil and the bees.  With respect,  this world will be a beautiful place to live in. 


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