Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Mount Kinabalu at dusk, a view from a roadside leading to Kundasang
Still on my last trip to Sabah. We had our community programme in Mantanani on 8th -11th Sept'15. We finally decided to head out earlier from the island to spend some precious available time to explore Kundasang. Our plan is to go to the dairy farm and to witness the magnificent Mount Kinabalu from the most beautiful point we could.

12th Sept'15 (Sunday): We woke up as early as possible before the sunrise. Such a breathtaking view from Crystal Hill. We checked in on the weekend, not many tourist after the earthquake and the remnant of the quake can still be seen on the road tarmac and the side of Mount Kinabalu from afar. In order to boost up the tourist arrival, many resorts and homestays were offering special rates. As in our case, Crystal Hill Resort is just opened for guests. The rate was RM120/nett per room without breakfast for a Deluxe Room. It was a good deal so we took it with a smile. 

A gentle reminder to all tourists; Dress properly folks. You are in the sacred ground of the Sabahans. 

Morning in Cyrstall Hill, Kundasang
Kundasang is a highland paradise situated in the district of Ranau, Sabah. It;s pretty much like Genting Highland and Cameron Highland in Peninsular Malaysia. The climate is cooler and therefore the weather allows vegetables and beautiful flowers to be cultivated successfully over there. Lots of beautiful vegetation can be seen along the way as well as the majestic Mount Kinabalu. Kindasang is the nearest town to Mount Kinabalu. We were there to see it from the nearest point without climbing it. Hahaha!

A view to die for - I took this with my handphone from our breakfast table.

Sometimes all you need is your handphone. See the background of the majestic Mount Kinabalu. Still supreme even after the legendary earthquake.

We had our breakfast quickly to go to Desa Diary Farm. We heard about it from our friends. They have a New Zealand's diary cattle and it has been praised to be really beautiful with Mount Kinabalu as a background. I wouldn't want to miss this opportunity. So off we go. 

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