Friday, October 23, 2015

Mantanani Island - The school children programmes

The day when children got all excited to see a drone flying above them - with our team mate Mahfiz
We had a wonderful participation from SK Pulau Mantanani for our school programmes. Children of Mantanani interestingly were enthusiastic to learn. They were lively, participative and supportive towards all that we asked them to do. Our programme was a success. It's a full 10 points. As much as the children had a great time learning, we had a great time teaching and getting to know them.

The drone that caused all the excitement in Mantanani by our team mate Nasrul Affendy.
When it comes to posing for cameras, Mantanani children were not shy. They love cameras which made our job easier. Unlike other parts of the world where children living in a tourist attraction community that has a norm to ask money before posing for a camera, these children are still pure and untouched by the capitalist mentality. Thank God for that and hope they would stay that way, always.

Mata Helang Programme, the brainchild of Awang

SK Mantanani has its own solar generated electricity and internet access. However, the usage was only restricted to the school and not to the community at large. Most NGOs and community programmes were held at the school premise for this convenience. 

Our Sharing and Caring Programme for the school children was aimed to empower them in the following areas; i.e. building up confidence, self worthiness and improving communication. Parts of the syllabus were to learn basic English, basic journalism, and basic photography. The syllabus stressed on experiential learning with fun activities and role play. Indirectly, they were able to recognise their own potential, understanding nature and their surrounding. Courtesy of Shell, we donated cameras and science equipments for their continuous learning. 

Memento presented to Cikgu Limun, Headmaster of SK Pulau Mantanani
From left: Mahfiz, Zul, Liz, Cikgu Limun, Awang and Cikgu OJ
Photo courtesy of Abdul Rahman Osman

My team was comprised of professional photographers and passionate philanthropists. Their skill was out of this world and one of the best in Malaysia. Zul is a photojournalist, writing for many renown newspapers and magazines in Malaysia, whilst Mahfiz, Nasrul and Rahman, they are extremely skilful, experienced, creative, awesome and lots more. No words to describe these special people. 

I am truly humbled not to use their photos here to tell our story because I couldn't get my hands to them gorgeous photos fast enough for my blog. They are all busy people therefore I had to be content with my own mostly selfies taken from my Smart Samsung Camera. Hehehe.

Some of the photos by these professionals are posted below. Lalala... (hope they won't be mad).

One of numerous amazing captures by Nasrul Affendy. Makes me speechless.
Arul, one of our little island friends captured beautifully by Abdul Rahman Osman in infrared mode

Sail away. Miniature boat made by the children to play with. This beautiful moment captured by Mahfis MA
Two of most recent articles by Zul for NST and Travel Adventure Magazine. He's also an avid adventurer. That guy on the covers was him.

Last but not least, my BFF Awang, whom also was our team leader who brought us together for this project. He is a passionate environmentalist. He is like a celebrity in the environmental NGOs circle in Malaysia, championing issues of sustainable living and environmental conservation. He appeared regularly in our local radios and TV stations.

Okay... that's all folks. This is a posting dedicated to the children of Mantanani. Mwah! Mwah!

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