Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lunggisan Island - Hidden Treasure of Mantanani

6th September 2015: Lunggisan Island Escapade

After our successful first programme in Mantanani Besar Island, it was time to go home. Around 10.00 a.m. we took the opportunity to explore Pulau Lunggisan which was only less than 15 minutes  boat-ride away. The island was round in shape. It has no human habitation. At one side of the island, there's a huge cave that kept a hidden treasure. The precious cave holds the most sort after bird nests. 

Introduction to Lunggisan Island - Superb crystal clear water, impressive white sandy beach, feels like in heaven.
There were a lot of charming side to Lunggisan Island, one was the breathtakingly crystal-clear water. High visibility that you can see through the seabed even as when it was really deep. The shape of Lunggisan Island itself was charming. Like a big green bun, protruding round-half-circle. The beach we landed was like a small bay. We were anchored on the almost perfectly white-soft-sandy beach. A hidden paradise, the sand felt gentle to my bare feet. Instantly I forgot about the UV rays. 

The Panaromic view of the secluded bay in Lunggisan Island
It was just a short pit stop for us. Our flight back to Kuala Lumpur was that same evening. We were there just about 30 minutes. I took the panaromic picture of the entire beach before we hopped on our boat and left the beautiful little paradise. 

Little charming things you could find in Lunggisan Island
As much as dead corals are beautiful, they are not a good sign. I hope Mantanani Islands could preserve its natural habitats. Humans tend to destroy their surroundings for survival but educational programmes by the NGOs and government is hoped to make the difference. On a bigger picture, I would rather address the welfare of Bajau Ubian community more than anything else. They needed to be helped in terms of alternative livelihood, education, basic amenities and most importantly effective rubbish/sewage disposal system. They shouldn't be left out to fend for themselves at a place that could be a future popular tourist attraction. But I don't agree that we should sacrifice them in the name of tourism either. Their ancestors were there before the era of Japanese occupation, so why would they be transferred out just so that we could turn the islands into main tourist attraction. It doesn't feel right because it's wrong.

In Lunggisan Island, you see lots of blue hues. Magnificent! 

Okay, back to Lunggisan Island, it's a worthy trip to make. Lots of blue hues high up above and down below. No kidding as you can see it in all of my photos here. If you happen to go to Mantanani Island, don't miss the opportunity to go there. Be it a diving trip, a community programme, or just curious to have a look, just do it! 

Like all my travelling activities, I recorded almost all here in my blog, so does this one in Mantanani. I will write some more because it is not even near finish yet. Stay tuned folks :)

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