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Rose Chamber B&B-Kartikasari-Toko 3-Rumah Mode-Cibaduyut

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22nd May 2015: Bandung Excursion

5.30am: All rise. Embracing another wonderful day. All I care about any place I visited is the environment. It has to be beautifully landscaped and soothing to the eyes. The Rose Chamber Bed and Breakfast has all that. I had a blast time at every corner.

Rose Chamber B&B, Bandung
The room rate at the time we arrived was IDR260.000.00/night with breakfast for 2pax (about RM70.00). It's a weekday rate as we were there on Thursday night and checked out the next morning for our next itinerary to shop in Cirebon. 

The owner is an Indonesian married to a German wife. So the decoration and feel of the place was a fusion of traditional wood carvings with touched of modern architecture and furnishings. It's run by the family themselves. 

Breakfast of omelette, pancake and nasi goreng.
6.30am: We had our breakfast and quickly arranged our next shopping excursion. Lots yet to do.  

This is Kartikasari a very famous brownies and cake house in Bandung
8.00am: The first shopping we did in Bandung was in Kartikasari, it opens early. Kartikasari is a famous brownies and cake house. It opens early at Lots of brownies and cakes to choose from. They sells other popular Indonesia delicacies as well such as the smoked banana cheese and fermented tapioca. There are candies, cookies, crackers, mochies, tarts and ice-creams. All so mouth watering. I bough the delicious Prune Cake. Owhhh so yummy, everyone who tasted it said so. A must repeat buy in Kartikasari.

10.00am: Shopping in Pasar Baru Bandung. A fabric heaven for fashion designers, boutique owners and fashion enthusiasts. We had great bargains for laces and other fabrics we need for our Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Shopping laces in Pasar Baru Bandung
My sister insisted in finding 'buah salak'. The fruit was delicious. Very sweet unlike in Malaysia which is slightly sour.

Very sweet Salak Fruit outside of Pasar Baru Bandung

1.15pm: Shopping for a Levis Jean in Toko 3 Bandung. My sister requested to stop there. I had nothing of interest. Just a window shopping for me.

Toko 3, a place people buy original branded jeans which is more cheaper than in Malaysia
2.00pm: We had lunch at Sederhana Padang Restaurant. It's one of a clean outlet to eat for those who care about food hygiene. Lots of choice to eat from. But one thing a must order is the Avocado Juice, they called it Alpukat Juice.

Sederhana Padang Restaurant in Bandung
3.00pm: Shopping in Rumah Mode. An exclusive mall selling branded clothings. I bought a pair of sandals cause I broke my high wedge shoes. I fell at Toko 3 while going down from the vehicle. Rumah Mode is not really my ideal shopping mall. Nothing attracted me. Kuala Lumpur has better bargain if looking for fashionable clothings. We left Rumah Mode at 4.30pm.

Rumah Mode
4.30pm: A very jam Friday in Bandung as we headed to Cibaduyut, an area where you can buy goods made from leather. My eldest sister wanted to buy leather gloves for her husband. The place was all leather. You can see leather shops everywhere. There were leather shoes, bags, gloves and jackets. It's a leather heaven!

At the Cibaduyut Mall awaiting our driver to go to Cirebon
6.30pm: Finally we have completed our itinerary for the day. All were tired and can't wait to head for Cirebon, our next destination. We were travelling there via a private vehicle. The journey turned out to be a very hectic one. It took us almost 7 hours to reach Cirebon. We regretted for not taking the train.

1.00am: As we arrived in Cirebon, the driver surprising was not familiar with the town. He can't even direct us to a proper hotel. We wanted a hotel which is nearby the train station as we planned to take the train back to Jakarta. After rounding the station for about three times, we found one inn closest to the station and decided to stay there.

We stayed there for two nights. It's already passed midnight. We were tired to the bones.

To be continued in the next last posting about Indonesia shoppinglogue. Stay tuned, folks :)


  1. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Liza .
    Btw dimana kampung you ? KL ke?


    1. Hello Flemming,

      Selamat Hari Raya to you too. I tak de kampung. Father's family from KL. But since parents bought house in Kuang, I consider that to be my kampung now.



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