Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cirebon-Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur

Travelling to Tegal Gubuk via an 'Angkut'

23rd May 2015: Cirebon Shoppinglogue

6.00am: Heading towards Tegal Gubuk Market, a local market that's really huge. 30 hectare in all. It is said to be the largest market in Indonesia. Mainly selling at a dirt cheap price of clothings, all kind of fabrics and tailoring supplies. My second time visiting Tegal Gubuk. Mark my words, your trip here will be all worth it. However, you had to bare the scorching heat and humidity of the place. 

The market starts on Tuesday and Friday night from 10.00am and closes at noon 12.00noon until Saturday. 

7.00am: Reached Tegal Gubuk. We started scouting the area for the best bargain. I can see improvements made to the market. Wooden structures have been replaced by an orderly bricks and tiles. Previously, all floors were by wood but now they slowly change it to tiles which is more practical. If it rains, there will not be mud spoiling their wares. 

We shopped there until about 10.00am. We pretty much know what to get, so it's very quick for us. And our Angkut which we rented for the whole day was there to fetch us back.

1.00pm: We headed to Cirebon Train Station to buy train tickets back to Jakarta as we are going to shoot back to KL the next day itself. The ticket costs us IDR105,000.00 per person (about RM29.00). 

Circa October 2010 visit in Cirebon - We had the best 'Bakso' and 'Teh Botol' experience
2.00pm: Tired of eating rice, we opted for a not to be missed only in Indonesia, i.e. teh botol (or rather its competitor as they didn't have teh botol at the hotel) and the instant bakso flavoured cup noodle. We've been trying to get 'bakso' the whole time on our trip but it was just too packed with shopping activities. The famous 'bakso' in Manje

Cirebon back to Jakarta via Express Train

24th May 2015 (Sunday): Cirebon-Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur

4.00am: Hotel staff knocked our door; i.e. it's a wake up call. No phone in the room. They brought us breakfast. A tosted bread with jam and butter, boiled egg and tea.

5.30am: Our 'angkut' arrived to take us to the railway station.

6.15am: Boarding the train back to Jakarta. Beautiful sceneries along the way. We saw farmers busy planting new 'padi' in the as-far-as-the-eyes-can-see fields. Excellent view!

Back to Jakarta straight to the airport to head home to Kuala Lumpur

9.30am: Arrived in the city of Jakarta and quickly took a private vehicle straight to the airport. Our flight was sheduled at 2.30pm. Cost of renting two cars was IDR500,000.00 (about RM140.00). We had to use the private car because so many bags. Lots of extra shopping bags. Pheww...

10.00am: Stopped for an early lunch at the Rumah Makan Kita, a padang restaurant (as if I didn't order food in the flight). The food was delicious as always in Padang Restaurant. But lots of flies. Ewww... . And yeah, I ate again in the flight. What a gorging. 'Nasi Briyani' some more! It's no surprise I had purging and fell sick right after I got back.  

11.00am: Arrived at the airport just nicely. It was a smooth ride back to the airport on Sunday morning. No traffic jam. 

2.30pm: Boading the flight home. Ate like a p** and slept the whole ride home. 

7.30pm: Touched down in KLIA2. Home sweet home and tired to the bones. 

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