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Cirebon-Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur

Travelling to Tegal Gubuk via an 'Angkut'

23rd May 2015: Cirebon Shoppinglogue

6.00am: Heading towards Tegal Gubuk Market, a local market that's really huge. 30 hectare in all. It is said to be the largest market in Indonesia. Mainly selling at a dirt cheap price of clothings, all kind of fabrics and tailoring supplies. My second time visiting Tegal Gubuk. Mark my words, your trip here will be all worth it. However, you had to bare the scorching heat and humidity of the place. 

The market starts on Tuesday and Friday night from 10.00am and closes at noon 12.00noon until Saturday. 

7.00am: Reached Tegal Gubuk. We started scouting the area for the best bargain. I can see improvements made to the market. Wooden structures have been replaced by an orderly bricks and tiles. Previously, all floors were by wood but now they slowly change it to tiles which is more practical. If it rains, there will not be mud spoiling their wares. 

We shopped there until about 10.00am. We pretty much know what to get, so it's very quick for us. And our Angkut which we rented for the whole day was there to fetch us back.

1.00pm: We headed to Cirebon Train Station to buy train tickets back to Jakarta as we are going to shoot back to KL the next day itself. The ticket costs us IDR105,000.00 per person (about RM29.00). 

Circa October 2010 visit in Cirebon - We had the best 'Bakso' and 'Teh Botol' experience
2.00pm: Tired of eating rice, we opted for a not to be missed only in Indonesia, i.e. teh botol (or rather its competitor as they didn't have teh botol at the hotel) and the instant bakso flavoured cup noodle. We've been trying to get 'bakso' the whole time on our trip but it was just too packed with shopping activities. The famous 'bakso' in Manje

Cirebon back to Jakarta via Express Train

24th May 2015 (Sunday): Cirebon-Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur

4.00am: Hotel staff knocked our door; i.e. it's a wake up call. No phone in the room. They brought us breakfast. A tosted bread with jam and butter, boiled egg and tea.

5.30am: Our 'angkut' arrived to take us to the railway station.

6.15am: Boarding the train back to Jakarta. Beautiful sceneries along the way. We saw farmers busy planting new 'padi' in the as-far-as-the-eyes-can-see fields. Excellent view!

Back to Jakarta straight to the airport to head home to Kuala Lumpur

9.30am: Arrived in the city of Jakarta and quickly took a private vehicle straight to the airport. Our flight was sheduled at 2.30pm. Cost of renting two cars was IDR500,000.00 (about RM140.00). We had to use the private car because so many bags. Lots of extra shopping bags. Pheww...

10.00am: Stopped for an early lunch at the Rumah Makan Kita, a padang restaurant (as if I didn't order food in the flight). The food was delicious as always in Padang Restaurant. But lots of flies. Ewww... . And yeah, I ate again in the flight. What a gorging. 'Nasi Briyani' some more! It's no surprise I had purging and fell sick right after I got back.  

11.00am: Arrived at the airport just nicely. It was a smooth ride back to the airport on Sunday morning. No traffic jam. 

2.30pm: Boading the flight home. Ate like a p** and slept the whole ride home. 

7.30pm: Touched down in KLIA2. Home sweet home and tired to the bones. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rose Chamber B&B-Kartikasari-Toko 3-Rumah Mode-Cibaduyut

Orchids,  Ixora, Echinacea, Mexican Bluebell, Sansevieria and many more. Love it!

22nd May 2015: Bandung Excursion

5.30am: All rise. Embracing another wonderful day. All I care about any place I visited is the environment. It has to be beautifully landscaped and soothing to the eyes. The Rose Chamber Bed and Breakfast has all that. I had a blast time at every corner.

Rose Chamber B&B, Bandung
The room rate at the time we arrived was IDR260.000.00/night with breakfast for 2pax (about RM70.00). It's a weekday rate as we were there on Thursday night and checked out the next morning for our next itinerary to shop in Cirebon. 

The owner is an Indonesian married to a German wife. So the decoration and feel of the place was a fusion of traditional wood carvings with touched of modern architecture and furnishings. It's run by the family themselves. 

Breakfast of omelette, pancake and nasi goreng.
6.30am: We had our breakfast and quickly arranged our next shopping excursion. Lots yet to do.  

This is Kartikasari a very famous brownies and cake house in Bandung
8.00am: The first shopping we did in Bandung was in Kartikasari, it opens early. Kartikasari is a famous brownies and cake house. It opens early at Lots of brownies and cakes to choose from. They sells other popular Indonesia delicacies as well such as the smoked banana cheese and fermented tapioca. There are candies, cookies, crackers, mochies, tarts and ice-creams. All so mouth watering. I bough the delicious Prune Cake. Owhhh so yummy, everyone who tasted it said so. A must repeat buy in Kartikasari.

10.00am: Shopping in Pasar Baru Bandung. A fabric heaven for fashion designers, boutique owners and fashion enthusiasts. We had great bargains for laces and other fabrics we need for our Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Shopping laces in Pasar Baru Bandung
My sister insisted in finding 'buah salak'. The fruit was delicious. Very sweet unlike in Malaysia which is slightly sour.

Very sweet Salak Fruit outside of Pasar Baru Bandung

1.15pm: Shopping for a Levis Jean in Toko 3 Bandung. My sister requested to stop there. I had nothing of interest. Just a window shopping for me.

Toko 3, a place people buy original branded jeans which is more cheaper than in Malaysia
2.00pm: We had lunch at Sederhana Padang Restaurant. It's one of a clean outlet to eat for those who care about food hygiene. Lots of choice to eat from. But one thing a must order is the Avocado Juice, they called it Alpukat Juice.

Sederhana Padang Restaurant in Bandung
3.00pm: Shopping in Rumah Mode. An exclusive mall selling branded clothings. I bought a pair of sandals cause I broke my high wedge shoes. I fell at Toko 3 while going down from the vehicle. Rumah Mode is not really my ideal shopping mall. Nothing attracted me. Kuala Lumpur has better bargain if looking for fashionable clothings. We left Rumah Mode at 4.30pm.

Rumah Mode
4.30pm: A very jam Friday in Bandung as we headed to Cibaduyut, an area where you can buy goods made from leather. My eldest sister wanted to buy leather gloves for her husband. The place was all leather. You can see leather shops everywhere. There were leather shoes, bags, gloves and jackets. It's a leather heaven!

At the Cibaduyut Mall awaiting our driver to go to Cirebon
6.30pm: Finally we have completed our itinerary for the day. All were tired and can't wait to head for Cirebon, our next destination. We were travelling there via a private vehicle. The journey turned out to be a very hectic one. It took us almost 7 hours to reach Cirebon. We regretted for not taking the train.

1.00am: As we arrived in Cirebon, the driver surprising was not familiar with the town. He can't even direct us to a proper hotel. We wanted a hotel which is nearby the train station as we planned to take the train back to Jakarta. After rounding the station for about three times, we found one inn closest to the station and decided to stay there.

We stayed there for two nights. It's already passed midnight. We were tired to the bones.

To be continued in the next last posting about Indonesia shoppinglogue. Stay tuned, folks :)

Bandung - Malaysians' Favourite Shopping Destination

This is Gambir Train Station, Jakarta. We were leaving for Bandung. My sister hated being photographed. Hahaa..

21st May 2015- Jakarta to Bandung

Bandung is a shopping heaven for Malaysians. Many Malaysians flocked to Bandung each year to buy fabrics and luxury items from their many factory outlets. Business owners usually go there to buy straight from the warehouses or get a good deal from the local market. 

We travelled to Bandung via an express train as a better way to travel in comfort and to avoid the massive road jam as well as the long hours on road. It was done all in a rush as we hoped to be able to do our shopping as we arrived. However the shopping plan crushed due to miscommunication with our travelling buddies who took a different car to the train station, we wasted almost 3 hours at the station waiting the other party who were in fact already at the station but we didn't see them until after 3 hours! Ridiculous. Yup, I know. 

The environment in Gambir Train Station is pretty much like in Malaysia. It is the side of Jakarta that feels like home. Very modern and the crowd can be said to be middle to upper class. You don't see poverty around. No beggars and no shabby clothed people walking around. Surprising to see how the city could separate its population like this. Social division is very apparent in Jakarta. It's the result of corruption and previous lame government. It can similarly be said about Malaysia. How disappointing and lame the government is now under the current PM. Sigh... I shall stop there.     

Okay, the ticket price was IDR100,000 which equivalent to about RM27.00 (exchange rate at that time). Arrived at Gambir Station around 12.00noon but boarded the train at 3.30pm. The moment the train started to move, we see the real picture along the tract. How poverty was lining the tract. People building houses and building the lives like only inches away from the railway tract. It was scary when you saw children so near playing and running. How can they curb accidents from happening. It bugged my mind the whole journey to Bandung. 

As we were nearing Bandung, the scenery was magnificent. Padi field as far as the eyes can see. And the sunset was beautiful. It took us almost 4 hours to reach Bandung at 7.00pm. 

All excited to board the train. Like God knows how many years since I've been on a train.
My Goodness, it took me so long to finish posting about my Indonesia trip. I am forgetting many details. Now am trying my best to record as much as I could gather from my journal. 

As we arrived in Bandung at 7.00pm, we took a rented vehicle to mobilise ourselves. Of course so many operators will approach you for this matter. We choose a car that can fit all nine of us. We didn't make any hotel reservation. So we walked in to a few hotels located at the centre of the town but couldn't find a satisfactory one. After the third time trying to find a hotel failed, we decided to get our dinner first at a place my sister recommended as she had been there before. The place is called Kampung Daun. Located at a highland area of Lembang that felt almost like in Cameron Highland. It was already 9.00pm when we reached there but the restaurant accepted last diners at 10.00pm. So we were lucky.

Kampung Daun was a superb place to dine. A kampung (village) style eating heaven with wooden structures and man made stone decorated streams. I would say. Everyone was famished. We ate and unwind. The vehicle driver was invited to eat with us as well. Our culture taught us to be courteous and we must share our food with whomever we are with.

Dinner in Kampung Daun, Bandung

We ordered their signature most popular dish, i.e. grilled/fried gouramis fish (kaloi fish in Malay), ox tail soup (sup ekor in Malay) and other smaller dishes. It's yummy and worth our travelling up the hill to reach the place. We paid not more than IDR900.000.00 for nine person, which equivalent to RM250.00. Not so bad, heh. 

Along the stretch of the road to Kampung Daun Restaurant we saw a lot of lodgings. It looked serene and very cool up there. We decided to stay nearby the area and we finally settled at a place called the Rose Chamber Bed and Breakfast. It turned out to be a very memorable place that all of us really enjoyed in Bandung. 

I would love to share the details of the place in my next posting. For now I am signing off :)  


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