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This is a 'BAJAJ', a tree-wheeler public transport or 'Angkot' that still exist in Jakarta, mostly seen around busy market area like Tanah Abang

 20th & 21st June'15 - Jakarta Shopping Spree

Landed in Jakarta at 5.30 pm local time. Jakarta time was an hour later than Malaysia (5.30 pm in Jakarta means 6.30 pm in Malaysia). The airport was under major construction. Looks like they were building a really huge one like KLIA and KLIA2 or bigger, I think. The remaining airport in operation was really small and we can't even find a money changer because it operates only until 1.00pm, we were told. Yikes!

True to its infamous traffic jam, Jakarta was worst than Kuala Lumpur. I can't believe it myself but my sister and I had to suffer for almost four hours in a taxi going to the hotel in Tanah Abang area that usually takes less than an hour to reach. The taxi fare was IDR180.000 (about RM50+). We were told that the jam was worst than normal due to an accident which occurred in the afternoon somewhere far away but affected all the roads. Phewww... 

Reaching the hotel late at night, we were hungry like a wolf and our eldest sister, Along who took an earlier flight that arrived in the morning, thankfully she bought us a take away food from an Arab restaurant. It was yummy! 

We went straight to our first itinerary, i.e. shopping at the famous Tanah Abang Market
Rise and shine so early in the morning, we had our breakfast at the hotel, and walked straight to our first itinerary, i.e. Tanah Abang Market. The distance was only about 10 minutes walk from N1 Hotel (pronounced as Inn One in Bahasa Indonesia. Room rate was at RM130 per night with breakfast). Tanah Abang Market is a one stop textile wholesale market for traders and business owners. The shops opened at 9.00 am but we were earlier than that. That's the trick. You get the best bargain during the shop opening. They call it 'pecah telur' which literally means 'breaking an egg'. It actually means morning opening price to bring in the luck of the day. The first customer that walks in must buy something in regardless of the price, they can not be turned off or the business will not pick up throughout the day. Something like that. It's an Asian business culture belief. We had great business bargain indeed! Everyone was happy. 

Shopping nearby hotel in Tanah Abang. All within walking distance, i.e. market, perfume stall, a convenient store and a textile museum.
Also along the street neaby N1 Hotel was a perfume shop and a convenient shops. We bought little this and that to bring home. A happy shoppers we were. I regretted for not buying more of the perfume. The fragrant lasted longer than I expected and it smells heavenly. It is a must repeat place in Jakarta apart from Tanah Abang Market. 

The cold hard reality of life in Jakarta; Student demonstration that happens frequent enough, as well as the harsh life of its citizens due to inequality of wealth division.

We were so much rushing to go to Bundung on the same day as we were shopping in Tanah Abang. The shopping was made in a haste, but we got everything we came there for. In our rapid movement from one shop to another, I can't help but noticed, what an amazing city, Jakarta is. Such a really busy city. A kaleidoscope of colours and texture that can make one feel dizzy. You can see it yourself from all the photos here. Such a contrast of the rich and the poor, the high and the lows, the modern and the traditional. All mixed up in a pot.

The stress of city life can be felt strongly. The socio-economy division was really apparent.  Jakarta has many big shopping malls and countless 5-star hotels but it equals to as many homeless people living on the streets and building shelters where ever they could find. Some are living on water pipes along rivers, and under bridges. The sad reality of unequal wealth division. 

Jakarta really had to find ways to solve its infamous traffic jam. I can conclude easily that it was due to the lack of metropolitan means of transportation such as the MRT and Monorail. Therefore the usage of motor vehicles was massive. More than the highways could cater. My sister even voiced out loud her curiosity about how the people in Jakarta reach their offices on time in such a jam.

Our next destination was Bandung. Stay tuned, folks!

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Travelling liberates the mind

20th-24th May 2015: 5-Day 4-Night, Jakarta-Bandung-Cirebon

I am always the happiest when I went travelling. It's such a liberating experience, it opens up our mind to many things that it sometimes challenging our norm. Most of the times, we are no longer in our comfort zones. I like! Like! Like!

My recent trip to our neighbouring country, Indonesia is not without challenges. However, it was fun and worth every pain. I love it! Love it! Love it!

Travelling with sisters and friends whom you can trust is the best! I am grateful for every little thing and lessons along the way. The precious moments shared and created were priceless. I am glad to have shared it with my loved ones. 

Exploring my talents and endurance of a harsh existance
This trip that I embarked on was not a vacation per se. It's more like a business trip for my other talent, that is sewing and designing cloths. Yes I am a Jake of all trade master of none. I went there to buy sewing and clothing supplies. I went there together with a bunch of like-minded people who have the same passion and talent. We've been in the business for almost all our lives; some of us on a full time basis and some, on a part time basis, such as me. I went to Indonesia to learn my trade. At the same time I want to enjoy my trip as a tourist too. 

Haven't finish reading this. Sigh... 
Our trip started in Jakarta where we bought supplies in Tanah Abang, a very famous wholesale mall and continued to Bandung with hired private vehicle. In Bandung we went to another famous wholesale mall, i.e. Pasar Baru. We went to Rumah Mode, one the many factory outlet that sells branded clothings for our personal Hari Raya needs. We also went to Kartika Sari, a famous bakery that sells many mouth watering Indonesian delicacies. I just can't have enough of its 'Pisang Salai Cheese' (smoked cheese banana) and its Prune Layered Cake. Simply Yummy! 

Our final business trip stop was in Cirebon via an express train where we went to a local trade market not known to many foreigners. It was a very huge market that starts from 10pm and ends at around 12 noon the next day. 

So this is just a teaser. I will be putting lots of photos and details in my next posting. Stay tuned, folks :)  


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