Saturday, May 02, 2015

Pray for Nepal - Show some love

Photos are not mine. I copied from all over the media in the net. If you are the owner of anyone of these photos, please pardon me. I only have good intentions; to spread the love and to help raise funds for the victims. 
When the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on 25th April 2015, I was so shocked. It seemed that I have not yet finished documenting my previous travel in Nepal last February and yet this devastating news came via FB and telegram messenger after about four hours of incident. 

The first I did was to reconfirm the news via the net and it was true. I was beyond shock. Our chat group was filled with concerns of the people we know and we were panicky, to describe it truly. We tried to contact our previous guide, Ganesh of Third Eye Adventure. Within less than an hour, he replied saying that he was safe together with his family, however his house and village were in total damage. They were all left without shelter. In fact that particular night, most Nepali slept on the streets, homeless, scared and still in a state of disbelieve. It's the after shock of a great devastation. My heart goes to them.

In Malay, there is this saying, 'Tak kenal maka tak cinta'. Translated, 'Whithout knowing, there's no love' or simply it is similar to the understanding in English, i.e. 'To know is to love'.

True to this saying, I feel their pain and it's almost personal because I get to know them for my 8 days travelling over there. I know for a fact that Nepali are the most loving and kind people that I have known in this world. They are very hospitable, helpful and gentle with strangers. I learn a bit about their culture and I learn to love them. 

Out guide Ganesh and his assistant Ramji had been with us the whole 8 days in our trip. We have developed some kind of friendship. Both are affected tremendously by the earthquake. 

As of April 30th, UN News Centre: $415million fund for humanitarian relief needed. 4.3 million people needed emergency health services (medical supplies and facilities), safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, 500, 000 live in the open, braving damp and cold weather for the next 3 months. 20 teams are working on reuniting children with their parents. 

Please help them by clicking any of the links here. Your little help even if only RM5 or USD5 will sure make a difference in somebody's life. Everyone, let's do our part. 

Click here to donate for the benefit of the children of Nepal

Donate directly to my friend Ganesh appeal for his village here

MERCY Malaysia Healthcare Relief Fund in Nepal click here

You may want to check more on the web for other credible organisations that you believe on. The above are organisations I trusted in my country, Malaysia. Whichever ways, please please please.... help Nepal to go through this hardship. 

Again, these photos are copies from the media in the net. Please pardon me using it here. All for good cause.

"Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith". ~ Prophet Muhammad SAW

"If you can't feed a hundred of people, then feed just one" ~ Mother Theresa

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible" ~ Dalai Lama

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