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World Peace Pagoda, Ananda Hill, Pokhara

The World Peace Pagoda on top of Ananda Hill. 
A symbol of peace. You can just sit there, contemplate for awhile. The view was spectacular too.

The World Peace Pagoda or Pokhara Shanti Stupa is a Buddhist pagoda-style monument situated on top of Ananda Hill. The name Shanti means 'peace' in Sanskrit. This is only one of 80 Peace Pagoda that have been built all over the world initiated by Nichidatsu Fujii (1885–1985), a Buddhist monk from Japan and founder of the Nipponzan-Myōhōji Buddhist Order. 

19th February 2015 (Thursday): 

It's a hot hot day. Applying sunblock, crossing over via a boat ride and taking breaks playing with children. Here are some of the scenes. 

Phewa Lake is not very far from where where we stayed in Pokhara. It's just a 10 minutes walk away. We headed there straight after having lunch at Lazeez Halal Food Restaurant around 3.00pm. It was scorchingly hot afternoon. At that time the lake was abuzz with activities. We saw a banner saying Jungle Festival was going on. No wonder everyone gathered in joyful festive spirit. We saw people going for peddle boats, as well as those who are crossing over to pray at a temple on a small island within the enclosure of Phewa Lake, namely Barahi Bhagwati Temple. It took us less than 20 minutes by boat across to the other side to start our trekking up Ananda Hill. Obviously boat motor engine of any kind was not allowed in the lake. You have got to peddle it slowly; row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, if you see an alligator, don't forget to scream. Hahaha! Good for nature. It breaths out air of relief I guess :) 

The hill was unique as its prime vegetations are naturally grown lychee trees. Yup... lychee fruit that we often eat. Amazing that the trees grow there naturally spread by birds and other animals, according to the guide. Not surprising to see a restaurant, a resort, and what not, all were named after the sweet juicy fruit :)

Unfortunately, we didn't see any lychee fruit at the time of our visit. The guide said, it's not fruiting season. I wish to see it with my own eyes. Huhuhu... According to the guide, the public are allowed to enjoy the fruits during its season. I wonder if it's really fruiting. Hmm...

Back to trekking up to Peace Pagoda, it's fairly easy to climb. Normal fitness level will take about 30-45 minutes. There were visible pathway you could easily follow. Some ladies we found hiking with their heels. So it can not be that hard. Hahaha!   

Let the photos tell the story. The view and experience were priceless. Sometimes, it's not the place but the people you are travelling with that make it great. In this case, both place of travel and the people made it great for me :)

Places you can go up here

Himalaya View Point

Awang and yours truly finding our peace here.

Our friend, Nasrul flew his drone to capture the scenic surrounding of World Peace Pagoda
Thousands of photos but I can only show a few in this blog. I made it into collages to compress the feel of our journey and sharing it here. Next posting will be about Sarangkot.

Dhanyabad (thank you in Nepali language) for dropping by here.
Namaste and subha din (have a nice day)!

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