Thursday, April 09, 2015

Sarangkot Fun

A trip to find sweetcorn for our BBQ turned out to be a photo shooting fun for all of us

Our time in Sarangkot mostly cloudy and raining in the evening. We didn't get the chance to go view the beautiful mountain scenes, however it didn't sour our spirit. We had fun taking photos of our beautiful surroundings. 

Photographer group had fun with their subjects of local kids. The yellow mustard field gave us the right kind of mood. It creates some kind of a romantic ambience. I fell in love with the colours. 

We really enjoyed our short walk down to initially looking for farmers to buy sweet corn for our BBQ and it ended to be a shooting spree.... Hahaha!

21st February 2015 (Saturday) - Leaving Sarangkot with a Happy Note

Leaving Sarangkot. It's time to say our goodbye to the beautiful village.

We woke up really early to watch sunrise at the View Point but unfortunately the weather was against us. It was raining the whole morning till daybreak. At 8.30am we made our move down to take a private vehicle going to Phedi. We are will be leaving for Dhampus.

Despite of all the bad weather and failed attempt to view the sunrise and the Annapurna mountain range via the View Point in Sarangkot, we were still leaving Sarangkot with a happy note. It's such a wonderful team bonding experience. We had our BBQ, Ice Breaking Session, and Photo shooting spree. So things turned out to be fantastic nonetheless. Weeeee..... Going down really fast.


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