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Beautiful Pokhara Lakeside

Phewa Lake in Phokara. Famous for it's reflection of Annapurna Mountain Range on its water.
I didn't get the shot. It was cloudy and hazy at the time. I didn't bother to try again at other times. My bad.

Day 3 & 4: Pokhara Lakeside
19th-20th February 2015 (Thursday/Friday)

The beautiful Pokhara Lakeside. A place so attractive it captures my heart. I can start writing poems if stayed there longer. I love the weather, the flowers and the Himalayas scenes. I can just be there observing the locals, appreciating the flowers and sit at cafes for hours writing a book probably. Breathtaking and surreal Pokhara. 

Wake up to the real world, Pokhara is the second largest municipal council after Kathmandu located about 200km away. The town itself is at the elevation of 742m and it varies in places to a maximum of 1,740m (according to Wikipedia). It's very clean and again, beautiful! I love it!

How to get to Pokhara

Just arrived in Pokhara via Simrik Airline.
Top two pictures on the right are courtesy of our friend, Zukra Effendi (he's not in any of the photos above).

Beautiful Pokhara can be reached via land and via air from Kathmandu. Going there via land will take about 6-7 hours depending on the traffic. The road was winding along undulating terrain, crossing villages and very close to the ridges sometimes. However, it was dusty and the road could be jammed with lorries and other vehicles. You might easily get tired, headache and road-sick. We experienced this on our way back to Kathmandu. Hahaha! 

Going to Pokhara via air is the best. It takes only 30 minutes. Saves a lot of time. There are a few airlines to choose from. We went there via Simrik Airline. The fare is about USD117 one way trip. It's just a small air-plane, a twin otter that can fit not more than 19 passengers with one stewardess and two friendly pilots. The view going to Pokhara was spectacular. Worth every penny :)

Activities in Pokhara 

Shopping was fun and you must know how to bargain to get a good price like we did.
Awang, Hidayah and yours truly. Smart shoppers :)
These are among the things you can do in Pokhara city itself:

  1. Shopping 
  2. Boat ride in Phewa Lake
  3. Hiking up Ananda Hill to visit World Peace Pagoda
  4. Seat and dine (some restaurant have live performances)
  5. Sight Seeing
  6. Paragliding 
  7. Laze around doing nothing
We stayed 1-Day 1-Night in Pokhara, Lakeside area at a place called the New United Hotel. More like a guest house to me. Nice and cosy with lots of yellow and red poinsettia flowers. Thanks to Kimbari Lakeside an NGO that oversees the beautification and cleanliness of the Lakeside area. For this effort, I am so grateful and appreciative. I am a sucker when it comes to flowers. 

I am a botanist at heart. I travelled to capture God's given beauty on this earth. 

Pokhara was just a transit point for our itinerary trekking up to Sarangkot but while we were there, we took the opportunity to really explore and did some shopping. Pokhara can be cheaper than in Kathmandu. I like it as their wares are not dusty and looks amazing as foreigner flocked the town. The traders really know their market. Most travellers staying here to proceed for trekking in the Annapurna mountain circuit. Many restaurants catering to tourists' taste buds. You can choose from Nepali food, to Italian, German, Thai, Tibetan, Indian and lots more. It's pretty much international in Pokhara. 

These are only a few scenes of life in Pokhara Lakeside area that I managed to capture. It's a buzz of activities.

Eating was our most bonding time. In fact we collected money so that we could eat together and only one designated person settle the payment. We appointed our leader to act as our treasurer, i.e. Mahfiz. We celebrated our team mate's birthday at Lazeez Halal Restaurant. The food was delicious and freshly prepared. They served quite a variety of Nepali, Western and Middle Eastern cuisines. We met a few Malaysians as well having meals in Lazeez and while walking around in Pokhara as well. One thing to take note though, restaurants in Nepal delivers a very slow service. However, you can't really blame them because they do their cooking from scratch. Nothing is pre-prepared. All had to be done there and there the moment you place your order. They neither have a systematic way in taking orders nor serving the orders. Huhuhu... We were patient enough to wait like almost one hour. It's more than one hour if it's in Dhampus. Ooopss... 

I shall reserve The World Peace Pagoda story in another posting. Till then, take care. Mwah! Mwah!

"Eat and drink from the provision of Allah , and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption." ~ Al-Quran, 2:60

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