Monday, March 02, 2015

Sunset in Bali

Sunset in Kuta Beach, Bali
 In December 2014, I went to Bali to chill with my then loved one. It was supposed to be a romantic 3-day 4-night short break for me. Things didn't go as planned. Instead I reminisced my previous best time when I went climbing Mount Rinjani in Lombok via Bali.

Nice door carving
I thought it was nice to spend my year end vacation away from home. I took a plunge and lived for the moment.

Moment of happiness
My abode was at an exquisitely architectured hotel, namely Agung Cottage. It was located in Legian Street. Kuta Beach was just a walking distance of 15 minutes from the hotel.

The accommodation rate was Malaysian Ringgit (RM) 130 per night with breakfast for a King Size Bedroom. It was basic but clean and comfortable. What I liked most was the wood carving of the bedroom door and windows. Simply Bali to the core. You get these feelings of tranquillity and restful by just looking at your surroundings. Unfortunately in my haste to spring-clean the phone memory, I have unintentionally deleted most photos. Huhuhu...  
The door

The window
Muslim travellers who are concern about halal food can find a few Jawa Muslim Restaurant Operators around the area of Legian Street to Kuta Beach. I can remember all the nooks and corners by now because I walked these streets a lot of times on my trips to Bali. I would say that Malaysians love to eat. In our ranking of 10, I would give bali only a 5. This is because, the food is expensive and little in portion. Unsatisfying for Malaysian taste unless you are willing to buy double. We love to splurge ourselves with abundance of food. Ooppss.

That's all about Bali, folks, I am playing catching up here before writing about the Himalayas dream. Ahh... that has to wait.


  1. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Welcome back Liza after more than a year. May 2015 be kind to you.

    1. Hi Fleming....

      Thank you so much for still coming back to check on me. I really appreciate it!
      Wishing you the best of 2015 as well.

      Are you still with UPM? I remember we used to exchange emails occasionally. I have lost contact with most of my followers except those who continued friendship via FB . Time really flies.

      Take care for now :)

    2. Anonymous11:16 am

      Yes Liza I am still here. You too take care and let there be peace on earth.

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