Thursday, March 12, 2015

Prelude to Fabulous Nepal Trip

Screening down things to pack

The first thing I packed was my toiletries
to ensure I wont forsake my beauty regime ;)

This posting is a prelude to my trip to Nepal. It's not an ordinary sightseeing travel. It's enjoying nature, outdoor style. The kind that I like. So I was game for it from the beginning. I didn't think too much when Mahfiz sent the invitation. I just go with the flow. I persuaded Awang to go too. He agreed finally!

According to Mahfiz, it's very cold over there in Nepal, because it's still winter. Day time temperature was 15°C-25°C and night time could go down to 5°C. I prepared myself my various jackets (don't copy me, this was unnecessary), thick stockings for day and night, a fluffy pyjamas, muffler, buff and thermal underlining wears. I didn't bring gloves as I planned to buy it over there. 

Mahfiz shared with us most of his previous travel to Nepal including videos of his ABC (Annapurna Basecamp) achievement which was awesome! All my information was through Mahfiz, I was just too pampered and plain lazy to do my own research. I trust he knows Nepal pretty well by now. And most importantly, I want to surprise myself. It could be fun.

According to Mahfiz, we could get all our outdoor gears in Kathmandu or Pokhara. It was a way lot cheaper in comparison with Malaysia. So I had this in mind. I didn't pack much of clothing and outdoor gear at all. I want to surprise myself with what shopping has to offer. Lalala... 

It's winter in Nepal, I need these jackets!
But I had to leave the furry one to travel light :(
This trip has been planned almost a year in advance. My kind of adventure, a bit of trekking, sightseeing and shopping. Money money money... it won't be possible without money. Flight via Air Asia to Kathmandu from Kuala Lumpur cost me RM1,180+-. The amount was inclusive of travel insurance, meals and 20kg luggage to and fro. 

We were supposed to travel on 18th February till 24th February, a 7-day trip. There were 16 of us. The package price was USD$400 per person by Third Eye Adventure. However those who bought tickets from Air Asia, i.e. 11 of us had to travel earlier on 17th February due to flight cancellation by Air Asia. Reason being, commercial issues. I just couldn't understand that! And to get back a refund was 30-60 days process. Why so slow? To call the customer service was like impossible. We made do via chatting service and finally call the premium number. We had no choice but to speed up our itinerary a day earlier with extra meals and lodging costs. 

So now we had one extra day in Kathmandu. We took it positively that we could leisurely scout the streets of Kathmandu, familiarise ourselves and do our shopping while awaiting the rest of our members who were travelling via MAS and Malindo Air.

Changing RM to USD is advisable as it will be easier to change to Nepali Rupees (NPL) in Kathmandu

Travelling itinerary: 

17th Feb (Tuesday): Travelling from KL to KTM. 11 members via Air Asia. Free activities

18th Feb (Wed): Arrival of another 5 members flying with MAS and Malindo Air. Free activities

19th Feb (Thur): Taking flight to Pokhara. Take a boatride at Phewa Lake to cross over to Lychee Hill and trekking up to visit Peace Pagoda.

20th Feb (Fri): Flying to Sarangkot and  trekking up to the guest house. 

21st Feb (Sat): Trekking down and travelling to Phedi via private vehicle then hiking to Dhampus.

22nd Feb (Sun): Trekking down to Phedi and travelling back to Kathmandu via private vehicle

23rd Feb (Mon): Sightseeing at Kathmandu Valley, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and last day shopping

24th Feb (Tue): Travelling back to KL 

The details of my travelling continues in the next posting.

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