Friday, March 06, 2015

Broga Hill

Sunrise around 7.30 am 
Penniseturn polystachyon, Foxtail Grass
A bit outdated, I know but I still want to write about this for a record. I went to Broga Hill for the first time with new climbing friends. It was like a break-the-ice little climb to familiarise ourselves with each other before our Nepal Trekking Trip.

I was enthusiastic to know my level of fitness as well. Yours truly was already in her 40s and she's not been doing real hiking for again more than a couple of years. Sudah old school but still acting young. 

31st January 2015, Saturday 

With my BFF Awang aka Dean Muzaiddin
6.30 am: Arrived at the car park. I was surprised to see so many cars already parked. The parking was manage by a private operator; owner of the land, I presumed. RM2.00 per entrance. There were Surau and toilets facilities. Very organised, I would say. 

7.30 am: Assembled near entrance @ the toilet to be exact, lol! All members who were not punctual finally arrived. I am paranoid with time, as my father trained me that way. My defect. Pheww... so we started our ascend after the day already breaking.  

9.30 am: Arrived at the top. Not so top really, because I didn't go to the highest peak. Too many people crawling over there. Not really important to me anyway, just a normal scene. What matters most was the fact that I did it with Awang my BFF and Mahfiz, my outdoor BFF. Hehehe... Adding to that, I met other new friends. They were all really kind (one couple brought food for all of us. Mahfiz as well but he was always like that, not surprised), courteous (polite and some were quiet for the first impression) and friendly (some were naturally bubbly like me). I got some ideas of what to expect for our next trip together.  

10.30 am: Descending time took less than one hour. Can run if you like but I am protecting my old knees. Lalala...  

Facts about Broga Hill

Located in Broga town, Selangor, near the border of Negeri Sembilan. Driving there from KL will take about 45 minutes to an hour time. It is approximately at the heights of 400m. Broga takes its name from the River Broga which runs through the area. The name Broga is believed to be derived from Buragas, a mythical beast that lives in the forest (from wikipedia). I wonder what is Barugas. But I leave it to you all to figure it out. This is out of my intelligence. 

It is very famous among weekend hikers from the surrounding areas including people living in Kuala Lumpur. Most people do Broga especially beginners' training for higher mountains. The trail starting from an oil palm estate. As you go up, there were lesser trees. Only big boulders, shrubby plants and grasses. It's pretty easy to climb for all levels. No worries. If you are fit, please run up the hill.  

Love the grasses here
I so love the grass, i.e. Foxtail Grass. So beautiful and foxy. It's every where on top. You really can't resist the temptation to touch them. I had fond memories of these grass too. A long time ago, I got this grass as an expression of love; instead of a bouquet I got a handful of grass. No wonder it didn't last. Hahaha!   

 Yours truly signing off for now. Take care. Mwah! Mwah!

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