Monday, March 02, 2015

After a year hiatus!

Yours truly is back to write some more stories. Photo taken in Sarangkot, Nepal.
Hello blogers and readers of my humble blog. Thank you so much if you happened to come to this first posting of 2015. Please know that I am really honoured to even have a visitor after all this time. Time flies unnoticed. I have been missing from the blogging world for more than a year! I can't believe it myself.

It's been a volatile year for me. The ups and downs in life. The choices that I had to make. I was busy with family and self. I don't really care about other stuffs. It's a turning 40s and all that depressing matters. Huhuhu. But pheww... I got through it all still intact.

My followers would have known my evolution and transition from one phase of life to another. They would have known my activities, interest, passions and philosophies recorded almost a decade in here. I started in 2005, inspired by a dear Global Vagabond. Read his travelling awesome blog and you would get inspired too.

Gentlecreation started with stories of my life journey, social issues, nature activities, hiking, voluntarism, events, my obsession towards semi precious stones, birds and others. It was colourful indeed. This is like a life record for me and I am happy to share it with the world. Have a moment to read all the links, ya. You might get something, i.e. new knowledge, be amused or just passing time. Hahaha!

Carpe diem!

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