Monday, November 04, 2013

My Heart, please be patient

Rain drops at my window
It's coming to a New Year again. The Islamic New Year of Hijri is just around the corner, which is tomorow and soon the Gregorian Calendar follows.

This is a time of reflection for everyone. I definitely always sit back and reassess my life. The goods and the bads. The As and the Fs of my actions. The consequences of my brilliancy and stupidity. Lalalala...
Nobody's perfect :)

Lately, it was like time spent too much on thinking and sleeping with the thoughts. During rainy days, I would just lay on my bed, staring at the raindrops on my windowpane. It makes me think better. I always tell myself just let it be. Go with the flow as God knows what is best for me. 

Sometimes your path crosses with someone which gives meaning into your life. Sometimes even a short encounter can change your whole life. No doubt God makes our lives so mysterious you just can't tell what will happen next. 

I met a lot of people. Strangers and not so strangers who came into my life and give meaning to the moment. One thing I really learned and would gladly share with everyone here is never ever reject anyone who came into your life with good intention. Cherish every moment and make the best of the joy that each other could bring. You wouldn't know what will happen next. Just go with the flow. God knows what's best for you.  

We may not always get what we want in life because God has a different plan for us. The one that we want so badly might not be the right one for us. So be thankful and redha with what God has in store for us. No incident is a coincidence. It's all planned by the One. 

Take care and never give up on love. Mwah! Mwah!

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