Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Bird Connection 2

A tekukur tanah with its chicks
Didn't I write before about my bird connection? Yeah, I think a lot of times, isn't it :)

I used to have a bird pet named Lucky Dog cause it fell from a tree on the day of Chinese New Year and it was the year of a Dog. It brought me good luck, so the name goes. I also wrote about relationship of a bird. Some birds mate for a lifetime. Unlike human being who seldom faithful nor content with just one partner. This is said with real life experiences. Here is the posting :) 

My posting about Bird Connection is here. Please don't get bored. Hehehe...

Other postings about bird.  You may find all these posting interlinked with one another because it's all about great creatures of the sky. I love them!

I saved a few birds in my life. They came to me naturally in my surroundings. Even while I was working in the office. Gosh! Amazing, isn't it! Here is the posting :)

Hang on... last but not least, my favourite all time literature also metaphorically named after a bird, i.e. To Kill a Mocking Bird. An amazing masterpiece by Harper Lee. Marvellous. Highly recommended for everyone to read and learn a few good things in life.  
Two chicks makes me happy!

Many people doubted my special connection with birds. These little creatures are meant to be in my life forever and ever. See it for yourselves. Birds nested on my hanging pots always. And I meant it literally, always. For the past three non-stop years, that is for my latest abode.

Some people do questioned why. Why would a bird nests near my abode or came near me. Well... I can't really answer that. I myself can't really explain why.

The photos here are of Terkukur Tanah. Its a type of pigeon. It is a smaller version of 'Spotted Dove'. They usually play and find food on the ground. Rarely they fly very high from the ground except for this one, it flew all the way to the 5th floor of my apartment.

Everytime these birds nested, everytime I had to revive the plants or change it to a new one. However, I don't really mind. Not a lost at all. It's all about gaining the trust and love of my birds.

I am not a superstitious type. However I believe I have a special connection with this creature. My life's journey often involved them as a companion. I feel blessed. I might not get the love I truly yearn from human being. God compensated it with the love of animals. To earn love and trust from animals are truly a big deal to me.

Thank you buddy :)

Monday, November 04, 2013

My Heart, please be patient

Rain drops at my window
It's coming to a New Year again. The Islamic New Year of Hijri is just around the corner, which is tomorow and soon the Gregorian Calendar follows.

This is a time of reflection for everyone. I definitely always sit back and reassess my life. The goods and the bads. The As and the Fs of my actions. The consequences of my brilliancy and stupidity. Lalalala...
Nobody's perfect :)

Lately, it was like time spent too much on thinking and sleeping with the thoughts. During rainy days, I would just lay on my bed, staring at the raindrops on my windowpane. It makes me think better. I always tell myself just let it be. Go with the flow as God knows what is best for me. 

Sometimes your path crosses with someone which gives meaning into your life. Sometimes even a short encounter can change your whole life. No doubt God makes our lives so mysterious you just can't tell what will happen next. 

I met a lot of people. Strangers and not so strangers who came into my life and give meaning to the moment. One thing I really learned and would gladly share with everyone here is never ever reject anyone who came into your life with good intention. Cherish every moment and make the best of the joy that each other could bring. You wouldn't know what will happen next. Just go with the flow. God knows what's best for you.  

We may not always get what we want in life because God has a different plan for us. The one that we want so badly might not be the right one for us. So be thankful and redha with what God has in store for us. No incident is a coincidence. It's all planned by the One. 

Take care and never give up on love. Mwah! Mwah!

Happy Islamic New Year, 1435 Hijriah

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Wishing all Muslims Happy Islamic New Year 1435 Hijri!

May we all be a better person than we were before. Live life to the fullest. Have no regrets as every experience teaches us something to prepare us for our next journey in life. Be gentle towards all creatures. Thank Allah every morning for the chance to live another day. Appreciate your family and people who love you. Show gratitude by good deeds and lots of love. Last but not least, forgive and ask forgiveness for nobody is perfect.

Take care and may Allah bless you. Mwah! Mwah!


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