Friday, October 18, 2013

Roses of Venezuela - Hidden beauty in Perdana Botanical Garden, KL

Rose of Venezuela is the name of a beautiful flowering tree that grows in Tropical America and famously grown in many parts of Asia as well. I love the flowers as it was vibrant in colour and unique unlike any other that you have ever seen before. Easiest way to sight this beautiful tree in Malaysia is go to Perdana Botanical Garden or formerly known as The Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur. You can see it aplenty along one of the walkways.

As you walk along the Perdana Botanical Garden in Kuala Lumpur, ensure to enjoy the beauty of each plants especially the trees. You may see that there are varieties of shape, colour, height and splendour. Nature has its beauty displayed for the eyes to feast upon. It calms down your nerve by just contemplating on nature's wonder.  

The real flowers, i.e. the one intact on the tree, I have not taken. I went there often in September but didn't think of writing it here. The photos were taken by chance because I saw a squirrel plucking one of the flowers. It shocked me to realise that the squirrels love eating Rose of Venezuela! 

As I went back home, I did research on these multiple flowers in a flower, only then I know that although it does not have any scent as an attraction factor, it does produce some kind of a sweet nectar that is appealing to the bees, birds including squirrels. No wonder lah :)

The fallen flowers.
This is the culprit. The flower eater. Squirrels love the sweet nectar of these flowers
My best friend taking a brisk walk ahead of yours truly :)
Can be seen the Roses of Venezuela trees lining up the walkway.
It was a nice walk down the pathway in the evening of September before the sun goes down in Perdana Botanical Garden. I love it there because it's the only place in KL that you could forget the stress of life in the concrete jungle and yet the concrete jungle is just nearby beside it. 

Well, have to get back to that shape for my December trip to para... para... paradise. 


  1. Nice write up. It made me want to visit the Lake Garden again. Take care.

    1. Salam Pak Idrus,

      Thanks a lot for dropping by and leave your comment here.
      Lake Garden has always been my favourite garden in KL.



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