Sunday, October 13, 2013

Children of 21st Century

Little Rafael. Makes me happy.
Who doesn't love children. I adore children. Love them babies in regardless of human's or animals'. All babies are cute to me because they have something grown ups haven't, i.e. the purity and innocence of life. It shows the greatness of our Creator. May Allah bless all babies in this world.

21st century kids knows technology
Inseparable sibling
Cousins. They made my heart sing <3 br="">

Birthdays make children happy

Friendship develops at an early age. Look how cute they are!

Children of the 21st century are born with technology. The moment they could see the world, they are surrounded by it. I was born in the 70s. That seems so old. Sigh... Yeah some more counting days to my birthday in October. Huhuhu... This is the reason why I was called to write this posting.

Looking at people with family makes me kind of want to have one my own. However, I have led an adventurous life very few would dare to follow. A rebel by nature and live-life-to-the-fullest is my motto. Well, I thought I would have stopped before I reached my 40th birthday. Well... seems unlikely, now it's only a few days away. Yes I dare to admit that I do not look like my age. No one can tell if they don't know where I'm coming from. Hehehe... I'm blessed with youthful glow, freckle and wrinkle-free complexion. Thank Allah for that. 

Hmmm... back to the topic of children. I'm blessed in a way that all my nieces and nephews love me. I adore each and everyone of them. Sometimes it feels like my heart would burst just by looking at them. They made me want to hug and kiss and smile and happy. It's magical and beautiful moments with children. 

I wonder if I would be able to be a mother one day. 
I wonder if I could be a good mother.
I wonder, I wonder... endlessly.

The biological clock is ticking at yet I am still hoping. Lalala... Amin to my own thoughts.

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