Saturday, October 19, 2013

2012 Most Memorable Family History

My beautiful sister in law Aida
Sometimes in our busy days catching up with our own struggle in life, we tend to forget to reminisce how we fare in life. It's been over three years since the passing of my beloved mother. My life had been tumultuous, blown by a tornado, kind of upside down ever since then. Of course, time does heal and with time, we get to continue living in this world. There're so much yet to learn. 

My handsome brother CD
My Mom didn't get the chance to see the wedding of my younger bother CD. He got married in February 2012, nine months after her passing. On his 'Akad Nikah' day (marriage covenant), I could feel my Mom's presence in the Masjid (mosque). I was not alone, my sisters felt it too. It was a surreal and touching moment. We like to think that she gave her blessing and she approved the union. Tears of joy for the occasion as well of tears of longing for our beloved Mom surrounded our families. A moment of quietude to appreciate. We hugged and kissed as the mark of another beautiful memories to cherish in our family history book.   

CD and his bride Aida
In my struggle to cope with my loneliness, life's struggle and personal issues, I didn't record down another important episode in our family history prior to this wedding, i.e. the wedding of our father. Yes, he got himself a new wife. Urghhh...

I didn't bother to write a post about this episode because I was against it earlier on. I can't accept the fact that my father had the heart to remarry after my Mom. How could he replace her! It's out of my intellect to think how easy it was for a man to forget his deceased wife! It got even worst when he decided to do it so hastily, about five months after my Mom's passing. 

However, as time goes by, and with much turmoil and major misunderstanding with the step mother, finally we could really say that we began to love her. She was not really a bad person. Our father needed her in order to live longer. She takes good care of him and we could not ask for more. 

Additionally, we got ourselves four step siblings from her previous marriage. They are a cool young bunch. They never interfere with our ways and they are adapting very well to our family culture. So I have nothing to complain. Surprisingly, we do look alike. Nobody could tell that we are from a different mother. 

February 2012 - one for the album. Still not a complete family photo though.

Life is full of the unexpected. Life is full of surprises. YES. Sometimes I hate surprises. Well... We planned but Allah is the Master Planner. Allah knows what's best for us. I shall reserve my rebellious nature in matters of religion. We might be in pain, we might be in vain. Nevertheless, surely there will be sunshine after the rain. 

Smile :)

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