Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Importance of education

Here I am on Chinese New Year day, alone. How I missed my old career in the hospitality line. I will be the busiest sosial butterfly doing lohsang the whole month of the New Year. But now my path has changed. I am on another road for some reasons.

Education line is also something I am passionate about. I believe in the importance of education to every human being. It seperates us from one another. Education can change lives from being ignorance to being learned. It helps us to become a better decision maker. Most importantly, it creates our pathway to a career and accumulation or wealth. Now that sums it all.

Most people thought that education can only be had from schools. Well part of it is true but not in totality. I believe that a person must at least complete his/her formal education to a minimum level of a first college degree. Later he/she can choose to either continue to a post graduate studies to be a specialist in his/her chosen career. However, education means knowledge that it should be in balance between academic and a life's degree or a life's lessons. Only then, you get to be a fully functional human being on your way to succeses.

Of course there're lots of successful people out there who are non-formally educated but surely along the way, they educated themselves via other means. For instance, knowledge of survival  using other people's strengths and skills to work things out for you. A good life lesson will enable a person to compensate his/her weaknesses. Good reading habit could make a person a learned human being no less that a graduate person.

This is just my random thoughts of today.

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