Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nobody likes to be alone

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December is also a monsoon season in the East Coast of Malaysia. A few states like Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang usually will have the annual flooding. Some had to be evacuated to temporary shelter as their homes are submerged in the flood water. As for West Coast Malaysia, December is also a raining seasons. Everyday is a rainy day. It's quite cooling and soothing. I like it but not everyone have the same opinion. For traders and pedlars who sell their wares in the outdoor, they have less appreciation of the rain. Well, surely Mother Nature can't please everyone.

I fell sick twice in December of this year. The first one was because of really bad flu and the latter was of too much stress. I had too much in my mind lately.

At time of sickness, we would realise many things in life which we seldom think about. As for me, I realised, I am actually very much alone. If I were to die during my worst sickness, nobody would have known. Meaning, I shouldn't be alone.

2012, was not really a good year but a better year than 2011. Hopefully 2013 will be as bright and colourful as the rainbow. I love colourful life, not a boring one. But well even when it's the worst year, it was never a boring year.

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I would say till this December, I am about two months officially living as a single person. I can never get used to being alone too long. I hate being alone. It sucks.

When your mental was weak, you care less about other stuffs in your life. Everyday was like another meaningless day, going to work to get things done and to pay your bills. That's it. I do not like to do anything else. Some days are better than the others, so you went out with friends. But most of the days are like missing that person you used to have yet could never have. Tears...

It's not about having problems being with another guy. It's about getting over the last guy. It took me seriously two years to get over the first one of whom I think not worth all the sufferings. I hope this one will be a lightning speed and in time I might give my thanks to God for not wasting my time.

On a positive note, I am truly blessed with lots of love. The love of family and friends are aplenty. More than an average person could claim they have. These good friendship have been tested throughout time. I have great family bond that they keep me warm with blankets of love. What more a person could ask for in this world. . When I cry, I have a shoulder to cry on, when I am lonely and need someone to talk to, I have people to lend their ears. That is good enough for now.

2013 will be a year everyone should look forward to. The world is still revolving. Surprise! We are still alive. Make the best of it! 

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