Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bestest Friends Reunion 2012

Bestest friends reunion 2012 - Mona, Liza, Bibi and Bibi's daughter
I must record this historical meeting with my bestest of friends, Mona and Bibi. This unplanned meeting happened early this December. I was taken by surprised that Bibi called me out of a sudden for a meeting. It has been soooo long that the three of us didn't meet up due to our different directions in life. We forgot to even say hi to each other until this fateful meeting at Tony Roma's @ Pavillion, KL.

I have written about our last meeting in 2005. My Goodness! That long we had been separated. Unlike with Mona, I met her all the time. Our meeting was quite constant since graduation. We even met quite a lot during lunch time because both of us are in KL. But Bibi was totally in a different land. She is always in Miri, Sarawak and she was always busy with her family. Now she has 3 boys and 1 daughter.We got to see her latest addition, a 5 months old baby boy. Huwaa!!! I just can't believe it myself.

She was in KL for a family annual holiday. Although she has come to KL numerous times, she had never called us in fear that she might interrupt our lives. We keep ourselves updated via facebook and once in a blue moon by phone.

Once met, it was like the olden times. It was like we were never been separated. It felt just like home. Unfortunately time flies. We find it hard to say goodbye. I had lots of stuff to update her and she to update me. We promised to meet more often in the near future.

I love these two ladies, Mona and Bibi with my life. We have been best friends since our university's days. We were inseparable. We have known each other like nobody has even known us in this life. Old friends indeed is like wine. It gets better when it's aged :)

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