Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Reminisce the Deepavali Journey

Deepavali is around the corner. Ever since 2005, I have never miss celebrating it in a way. I love visiting my friends' Deepavali Open House. It was the time to reconnect and revitalise friendships. I have lots and lots of Indian friends. And most of them are not mere friends, they are my dearest so close to my heart. I have known them since they were single and now married with families. 

Beside the celebration of triumph over evil and shine-your-light-always kind of feelings that Deepavali always brings, I have my own agenda. Dressing up is the reason I love festivals of any kind. I love to dress my self up to nine. It's my bread and butter. Or you may say wine and dine. One of those things that makes me feeling high. Lol! Crazy woman talking.

Can't refuse to pose near the flower basin
Being born in Selangor, then started schooling in Pahang, later find my glory in Sabah for the rest of schooling years and spend my life now in KL most of the time, I am pretty much a multicultural person head to toe. I will never tolerate racism in any forms. I will bash out all those who demote anyone in my presence.  Years of seeing many different things in life, years of experience with other cultures and ways of living, now I can never change to being a normal low profile person. I am never such words. I like it colourful like the rainbow. Colours bring cheers. I apply colour in every sector of my life. From the cloths preference, the shoes I wore, my hair style, my handbags and purses, my jewellery and my house deco.; all in wonderfully coordinated colours. Colours bring out your personality. And in my case, I love bright colours mixed with subtle colours to make it look right. You know, colour combination must always give the classy result. That's my style. Classy colours and never a dull moment.

Beautiful deco of a friend's wedding
in 2011
Reminiscent of my Deepavali milestones, here it is: 
2006 - Deepavali in a low profile manner being jobless and in a turmoil relationship. 
2007 - Celebrated Deepavali full swing with lots of love in the air
2008 - Celebrated Deepavali as a single person, broken hearted, away in the jungle or on top of  mountains.
2009 - Starting new job and having a new muse
2010 - Deepavali celebration full swing again
2011 - Deepavali was nice but on the edge of breaking down - Mom passed away
2012 - Expecting a fun loving time with old friends which have come long way since 2005.

Okay, that's how long I have been directly involved with Deepavali celebration. Before 2005, I have never had real Indian friends . However working in Putrajaya Botanical Garden had changed all that. And I never regretted that special place. Am really grateful to God. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all my friends who have made my life so colourful and meaningful all through these years. God bless each and everyone of you out there. 



  1. Hi Liz, love your this eloquent posting, and good for you to love everyone. I always admire young people like you. And yes, I too love the different peoples, especially here in Toronto where 47% of the population born in another country, and most of our friends come from all corners of the planet.
    And some even better than relatives too.

    I miss deepavali as here very quiet, unlike in Malaysia.
    You look very nice in the pic,
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

  2. Hello Lee,

    Thank you for taking time to read my Deepavali posting.

    A life well spent is a life shared with as many people as possible. And I guess you and I are those lucky people that shared the love of living life to the fullest.

    Take care :)




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