Saturday, November 03, 2012

Music Heals your Soul

Halloween make up - an attempt to be a cat
I went out partying more than ever. I am picking up life where I have left it. Piece by piece. Yeah. Four nights less than one week in the same month of October. Nights of music, dance and a test of friendship. Being single gives you this privilege to do anything that you like. No one to restrict your actions. Just go out and enjoy like there's no tomorrow. I kind of like it this way. For now.

The place I frequented lately is called Backyard. Yes, true to its name, it's located at the outskirts of nightspot areas of Sri Hartamas, KL. It's an old place that I have not visited for years. It's not known for being loud or crazy because it's more to a place for one to sit and chill with friends over dinner or drinks and be entertained by good music. They have live band every night. And a dance floor too. The food is great. If you love games of pool, you can have it there too. 

Every girl should have a best friend. My partner in crime
I was lucky that my birthday was on Sunday, so we went to backyard on Saturday's night to celebrate. The next day, we attended a wedding and went again at night to celebrate. On the eve of Halloween and night of Halloween we were there too. I am the type of person who enjoys being in the company of people, so I just can't sit alone too long by myself. I need to listen to the music, to sing out loud. I need to move on the dance floor, I need to celebrate this life. It's my escapism. 
Arumugam goes to Alabama - funny name for a band
Every performer in Backyard has been awesome. I have seen many of them and none have failed me. I love it. The photos I have here are one of a few that has performed in Backyard, one was the 'Arumugam goes to Alabama' and the other was a great songstress namely Poova and her band. The earlier band sang rock, reggae and pop music with an exotic twist in the music arrangements. They have 'sita' and 'tabla' instruments mixed beautifully into all the songs. And the singer sang beautifully with husky very manly voice. Pretty much impressive.
Ms. Poova and the band - she was like an Indian version of
Celine Dion - Fantastic voice!
As for the latter band, the singer Poova has proven that Malaysian can sing like the blacks. Her voice was so soulful and a bit of Celine Dionish kind of quality to it. She sang soul R&B and pop songs from her own album as well as others. She wrote her own songs as well, as she claimed. Very talented. At first we thought she was a bit reserved with her diva'ish style. But later, she gave in to the crowd and interacted quite warmly. We cheered over every song she sang. Fantastic voice.   

That's how I celebrated 2012 most memorable episode. I guess from now on I will update this blog more frequently. You know why? 

I got more to say this time. Huhuhu....

My last word for this posting taken from quote we often hear:

"A woman is like a rose, if you treat her right, she will bloom; if you treat her wrong she will wilt. A man's lost is another man's gain."


  1. Tq so much for yr kind remarks.
    Edmund - Arumugam Goes To Alabama

    1. Hi Edmund,

      Hahaha! Can't believe you've found my blog. No problem. Always a pleasure to share good stuff to my now very few readers :)



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