Sunday, November 04, 2012

Can A Man and A Woman be Best Friends?

We often wonder if there is a possibility of a man and a woman to be best friends. 

The answer is NO, man and woman can never be BEST FRIENDS

Photo from Friends with Benefits Series

Because the opposite attracts. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. So eventually there will be some kind of love blossoming. It's fine if both are singles. But it's not fine if either one party has already been married or attached with someone. The friendship might turn to heartache at the end. FULL STOP.

Because of jealousies from spouses. If both man and woman have been married, the spouses will not tolerate it. Things can become ugly. You can never be able to 'lepaking' (chill) at your best friend's house whenever or wherever you feel like it if he or she has already been married. You can never be able to kick each other's ass or slap each other's face silly in the presence of the spouse. And worst of all, you can never be able to chat, sms, text or call the other often enough. Sometimes when you needed them the most, they were not available. But best friends need to do these stuffs. So how??? There are always restrictions. The spouses are always in the way. PERIOD.

Another thing to consider before you declare your best friendship is that, men and women have limitations in what they can do and share. The boundary pretty much determined by the society, religion or values in which they have been brought up with or the environment they live in. When people see a man and a woman having lunch or dinner often together, going out to movies or spend time together, the general perception was that both of you are a couple. A single man going into a single woman's apartment/house, the society will mark this as an immoral behaviour even when you did not do anything wrong in the house. These are the norms of most society. SAD BUT TRUE.

In Asia, most cultures can't accept the fact that men and women can be best friends. Tell me about it. I have one and failed. Now I am not a believer any more. STOP DREAMING.

However, with globalisation and the hype of media in all its form, the society has gone through a radical change. It is not spoken but yet it exist. Men and women now enjoy each other's company in a non-platonic manner but still a no string attached arrangement. We call it friends with benefit. In my opinion, this is the closest thing you can get in being best friends and yet trying to justify that there's no lovey dovey thing going on with the opposite sex and no intention of getting married to each other. Huh! SICK SMILE.

There you go, all the reasons why a man and a woman can never be best friends but just good friends. This is from my own opinion and personal experience. CIAO EVERYONE :) 


  1. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your wishes. I live in kaulalumpur ! Have you been following my blog? Thanks for visitng Hope to catch up in person someday, since we live in the same city now.

    Adithi's amma

    1. Am glad to know you from this blogging world. Amazing isn't it.

      Till we meet someday. Take care :)



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