Sunday, October 28, 2012

Live and let live

My birthday, why wearing sari? Well, God knows why :)
I had the most memorable birthday ever in my life. A day in 2012 that will always be in my memory. Last year, I bought my new car on my birthday. It's the best present I have ever bought for myself. I was happy in a way. Although I didn't get to spend it with anyone special. In fact I didn't want to celebrate at all. Period. 

Without facebook and smart phone, very few people can remember birth dates. It was different in the olden days; when that person matters to us, we remember easily. So I kind of tested my family and my loved ones by hiding the date from my facebook. Voila! I can count with my fingers those who wished. I felt dejected, what a fake world and relationship we are having. The console was my new car. So nothing can be that bad if I had my new muse.

Now, I have a changed mentality. Who cares any more who remembers and who doesn't. In the end, nothing will ever last forever. Happiness, health, love and life, all will end eventually. It's an evanescent world we live in. I have lost too much. I am a mourner, yes. I've lived a life most normal people will not get a chance to experience. It took years to be okay. Yes what a wasted years. I know. People advice but I just wish they wear the shoes and try to act their advices. Now, I just say live and let live. 

This is not a good post but it has to be posted. I will remember it for the longest time. 

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