Sunday, October 28, 2012

Live and let live

My birthday, why wearing sari? Well, God knows why :)
I had the most memorable birthday ever in my life. A day in 2012 that will always be in my memory. Last year, I bought my new car on my birthday. It's the best present I have ever bought for myself. I was happy in a way. Although I didn't get to spend it with anyone special. In fact I didn't want to celebrate at all. Period. 

Without facebook and smart phone, very few people can remember birth dates. It was different in the olden days; when that person matters to us, we remember easily. So I kind of tested my family and my loved ones by hiding the date from my facebook. Voila! I can count with my fingers those who wished. I felt dejected, what a fake world and relationship we are having. The console was my new car. So nothing can be that bad if I had my new muse.

Now, I have a changed mentality. Who cares any more who remembers and who doesn't. In the end, nothing will ever last forever. Happiness, health, love and life, all will end eventually. It's an evanescent world we live in. I have lost too much. I am a mourner, yes. I've lived a life most normal people will not get a chance to experience. It took years to be okay. Yes what a wasted years. I know. People advice but I just wish they wear the shoes and try to act their advices. Now, I just say live and let live. 

This is not a good post but it has to be posted. I will remember it for the longest time. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012 Crystals

My current must wear accessories
I have been receiving a lot of inquiries and comments on my crystal postings even the ones that are very old. I think the new visitors to my blog came by from googling their favourite crystal names. When they stumbled upon my posting, some asked ridiculous questions such as can I give a reading of which crystals are most suitable based on their date of birth. For God sake! I am not a crystal expert nor a Feng Shui Master. I hope everyone is clear about that.

The postings I had in my blog are exclusively about my own crystal collection. I love semi precious stones and I believe that natural stones possess natural energy that can bring positivity into one's life. That's all. Natural stones are so colourful, they made my heart sing just by admiring their beauty. I do not practise nonsense stuff such as praying with my stones or using my stones for spiritual healing. No, I don't. I pretty much believe in God and all things on earth is created for a purpose. It has its own functionality and energy but all things are by God's willing and of our own effort.

Again I am writing about my private crystal collections. I just love them and wanted to share more stories about them. The above photos are my crystal bracelets that have been revived; i.e. restringing. Since it uses elastic rubber string, it needs replacement at least once a year because it is easily worn out or the band loosened  its elasticity.

Crystals are semi precious stones created by nature just like diamonds millions or thousands of year ago. However, it is not as expensive as the diamonds, rubies or sapphires because they do not have the flawless clarity of those stones and they are more fragile in comparison. You can break it to pieces with a hammer unlike diamond which is hard and made of carbon. It takes another diamond to cut a diamond.

Why do people wear crystals?
You might ask this question. I would answer simply that crystals are beautiful. They made you feel at peace by just admiring its beauty. Again, they are not as expensive as diamonds and rubies but they are as beautiful to be had as jewellery. Almost everyone can afford them. Some of the most famous type of crystals are agate, amethyst, opal, tourmaline, quartz and turquoise, to name a few.

Another reasons why crystals are popular is because some people also believed that crystals have special powers. Different type of crystal carries different type of aura or energy to its wearer. I do not believe it its special powers, however I do believe that it reflects positive energy. It triggers positive feeling because of its colours and beauty. As simple as that. Again, if you believe it, it will be your truth. Thoughts become things, that's what law of attraction say.

Green Water Agate

21-Eye Dzi Beads + Obsidian + Petrified Wood (new addition)


My new crystal addition in 2012 is a Citrine bracelet that can be seen in the photo above. I love Citrine because it's colour, yellow and clear. I bought it during the Venus transition over the sun moment. It feel so special just by that fact. Hahaha :)

Petrified Wood - a crystallised real wood
And I added two (2) Petrified Wood beads into my existing Obsidian-21 Eye Dzi Beads bracelet. The story was like this. One day as I walked out from an eatery, my bracelet broke. The beads flew everywhere. I had to search it on the ground. I thought I've lost two of the obsidian beads so when I went for restringing, I tried to match it with another Obsidian but the shop didn't sell the stone. I have no choice but to choose a different stone. Petrified Wood was so unique, I decided to have them in between the Obsidian. It looks great when combined. You can see the photo above.


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