Sunday, May 06, 2012

Little Climb for A Big Girl with Big Ambition

9 members went up the hill
"Liza you buat apa malam ni? Jom ikut aku naik Bukit Tabur" (Liza what are you doing tonight? Let's follow me climbing Tabur Hil)

My usual partner in crime in the outdoor world sent me the unexpected sms. I was a bit sceptical whether to go or not because I've been out of the outdoor scene for almost 2 years now. I don't even know if I have enough stamina to climb the 1000m pure quartz hill. Although I've climbed it many times in the past, but still it needs some kind of a stamina especially climbing with my good friend Mahfiz who had just came back from major climb in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

"Mahfiz, you all go ahead, I think I am not ready for this climb. Nanti kena tinggal belakang jer sebab tak de stamina" (I might be left at the back because I had no stamina). Then Mahfiz replied "Ala, tak per, ni kawan-kawan Langkawi jer, diorang pun bukannya laju sangat" (It's ok... the Langkawi friends are going and they are not that fast either). I replied again "It's ok, you all go ahead, I will come anyway to send you off and to say hi". Mahfiz seemed not to be happy with my reply, he said "Tak kira, ikut jugak!" (I don't care, you have to follow in regardless!). I didn't say yes or no. I just text him a smile :).

It was Friday, the plan was to go after work, around midnight. This is our usual time to climb Bukit Tabur because by the time we reached the top, we could have supper and sleep for awhile. Early in the morning, we could see the sunrise and decent without having to queue with lots of people. Bukit Tabur on weekends was like a carnival for climbers. Lots of them and at difficult points, you might have to wait for hours for your turn. It could be very hot as well if you climbed in the day time. As you are reaching above 500m level, trees and vegetations are scarce due to the quartz stones.

That night, we met around 10pm, I decided just to go with it. Who cares if I got left behind for being too slow. I just need to do this because I've not done it for so long. I missed hiking and the outdoor so much. I've put so much weight being depressed and not doing anything. This is the time to kick start my active mode. So the rest was history. I went to the climb and I was not slow. In fact I never lose my gait and my usual pace in the jungle. It was so natural to me. God knows I felt like I was at the top of the world. It felt so good :)

The climb started around 12.30midnight. It took us about 2 hours to reach the top and start the camp. Not our best time. Usually we did better than 2 hours but this climb is all about leisure and feel good with friends.

The next morning we started our day a bit late because we slept late around 4.00am. We woke up almost around 8.00am and we missed the sunrise! Lol! We took some photos at the top, we met with people already on the track. The decent took us less than 45minutes. You can simply run down if you like but be careful of your knees and footing. Some people might stressed too much on the toes because it's very stiff decent and needed a sure footing. Beginners are advised to use a trekking pole to give a better balance.

Well... that's all for now. I hope to do more climbing from now on. I have ambition to go again to Mount Rinjani. It was my most beautiful climb ever. Till then, hope this posting is useful to beginner climbers out there. Till then, take care... chiow!


  1. Hi Liz, interesting post. Glad see you adventurous. I too have always loved the outdoors, especially when with good friends.
    You have fun, and stay beautiful.

  2. good job!! a salute for you!

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