Thursday, April 26, 2012

Riang Riang Cicada

Picture of an adult cicada courtesy of Ecotourism Society of Himachal Pradesh
It was the most frightening thing. The invasion of a cicada. Oh no!!! I am so frightened by it.

I knew it the moment I heard the first annoying buzzing sound and the constant flipping of wings over closed glass. Sounds like a really big tough cicada to me. But I was like who cares. You can't come in.

I thought my windows were neatly closed but NO! It scared me out to see, a single very tough-ancient-looking-cicada victoriously flew into my living room. Banging its head to the ceiling as if trying to attack. Oh yes I got scared now. I ran into my bedroom but couldn't let my self leave the creature be. I need to scare it out of my space.

I took a towel to cover my body. Of course, its necessary. I have to. Everyone who has lived in a jungle for 2 months and more will know what cicadas are capable of doing. This cicada was like a giant. Black brown and it's huge. Body length of almost 3 inches. If it banged your body, you will feel the pain like someone poked you with a stick real quick. I had it many times when I was in Mulu. 2 months living in the deep jungle of Borneo. A serene life indeed and a life I will always miss. Love every moment of it.

In Mulu, cicadas have its season. During the season, you'll see them everywhere invading your living space, on your porch, your veranda, on trees and everywhere. It was the most annoying experience. They sang to you the ancient song as if they were singing their last song to die or to mate, I don't know. They banged into you in every direction till you scream as loud as their noises. Every night was like a battle. We used umbrella to cover ourselves from colliding with cicada and we never opened our windows in the evening. Very troublesome creatures. If one stuck inside any room, you will not have a goodnight sleep for sure :)

Song of a cicada, from a distance, they sing in unison, it was sometimes soothing to the ears. But singing alone, as if screaming in a closed room can really drive you crazy. I tell you truly.

Surprisingly, cicadas have a longer lifespan compared to other species, in lay man term, bugs species. Some can reach a lifespan of 17 years. They do not bite nor eat other insects. They are herbivore. Young cicadas looked like some kind of unattractive earth bug living underground by suckling liquid from plant roots. I think I have found it at one particular instance of my life. Young cicadas without wings, live underground for a few years before they shoved out of the earth and stick themselves on plants to shed their skin to become a mature cicada. And nobody knows why a cicada appeared one moment and disappeared the next time only to come back next year at almost the same period of time. The wonder of nature. Love the mystery :)
Back to my cicada story, finally it got itself settled near my front door. I opened the door. I used a broom to encourage it to fly again so that I could sweep it out of the room. Finally it fell down on the floor, I managed to do just what I intended to do. Bye bye...

Oh yeah, in Malaysia, we called cicada, 'riang riang'. It means, a plural of happy happy or jolly jolly or joy joy feeling. Lol!

Now I feel much better and at peace. Continue with American Idol 11. Good night all :)


  1. Hi Liz, very interesting post. I love cicadas, they make nice songs, after a rain, in jungles.
    I miss hearing cicadas where I am now.
    Ha ha you frightened of them, huh?
    They cute little creatures.
    In the jungle they make lots of noises. But when they quiet, then there's a snake or wild animal nearby.

    If your house has cicadas making noises, and suddenly stop, there might be a stranger waking by or maybe a cat prowling around.
    They can be early warning to us.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Dear Uncle Lee,

    Hahaha! Yes I pretty much terrified of cicadas if they were as big as the one I saw in Mulu and in my house the other day. I don't really hate them, just prefer to be living away from them because cicadas will fly aimlessly sometimes poked you unnecessarily and it was painful. Really.

    Thank you for the info. That will be very useful one day. I am living in an apartment. It's on the 5th floor and yet the cicada flew at my window. Lol!

    Take care Uncle Lee, love all you postings :)



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