Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Lost House Sparrow

Flying aimlessly in the enclosure of our office
As we are turning our surroundings into jungle of irons and bricks, have we ever wondered how the animals fare? We can still see birds flying in between the skyscrapers. They live amongst us human who reaped them of their real habitat. Surprisingly, many animals adapting very well in the city. Scavengers like the crows, the alley cats and loosed dogs for examples. But I only want to talk about birds and definitely not crows.  

Birds can live alongside humans, nesting whatever trees, roofs and places they thought would be safe from disturbances. But still, if you looked closely many birds died of banging themselves into glasses of our skyscrapers. They couldn't differentiate between the open sky and the reflections on the glass windows. Sometimes at home, you might see a bird attacking your window especially those that were tinted that has a mirror effect. The male bird would think that they saw another male bird and was trying to defend its territory. A sadistic death awaits of course. Sigh...

Poor little creatures, they had to live with the hustle and bustle of human development.

I have special connection with birds. Where ever I go, I will have myself surrounded by this little creatures. How? Well... I myself do not know how. They just came to me naturally, many special encounters. I wrote about them very often in this blog too. My regular readers will know it. I love birds dearly. My favourite creatures :)

So my story this time is about how I saved one lost little house sparrow which has been trapped in my office, for a few days I figured, because it was so weak. Can't even fly proper. One fine Monday morning, I went into the printing room. A girl was a bit frightened. I asked, why? She said, looked, there's a bird trapped inside here. Immediately I saw it, trying haplessly to fly out of the closed window. I wondered how it got in. The windows were all locked. I couldn't open it. So I catch it in my hand. Easily. Big smile cause I love birds. Everyone else were taken aback seeing me holding the bird as if it's a disgusting thing. So what? I am a jungle girl! 

The little lost house sparrow that I saved coming out from
its delirium after being passed out

I carried it to the nearest window but by carelessness, it got itself freed before I could even open the window. It banged itself towards all the glasses and finally passed out. I thought it has died. It didn't move but still breathing. Quickly, I took it to the washroom, get it to drink some water. It gulped in eagerly. Obviously very thirsty. And a few second afterwards, I could feel it in my hand, writhing to free itself. I took it to the open window and released the poor little thing. It flew just fine from the 4th floor of our building. Big smile :)

So, that's all folks. My simple little lost bird story that made my day on Monday. Hehe... 

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