Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Feel Wonderful

When writing this first sentence, I was thinking real hard what to write. Hahaha!

Grilled chicken burger, a treat.
Okay, I found out that blogger has given us more choices in showcasing our blogs. I am trying this new dynamic view with the new designer's template. I think it's awesome. It makes my blog look more organised and professional. Like flipping through an e-magazine. You can view it in any ways that pleases you. Check it out, folks.
Thank you, Blogger :)

Coming back from work today, I left my purse in the office. Realisation came too late because I already reached the clinic. Lucky me, it's a friend's clinic, so I wouldn't have to pay almost all the time. I got my MC so off I go home to take some rest. Not feeling well of course.
Thank you, doctor :)

Then I realised that I was hungry too. How was I suppose to buy food with no money? My mind started to think ways to get food without paying. I can simply call any of my friends but I dismissed the idea. How? How? Finally, I figured, not that I will die of hunger. I still have some rations at home. I cooked myself an instant noodle. That's my lunch. I fell asleep immediately afterwards on the sofa while watching Astro TV on 'Keeping up with the Kardashian'. Then the love song of a 'tekukur tanah' woke me up. The bird is back singing at my hanging garden, courting on females. I smiled happily.
Thank you, birdy :)
Borrowed someone's car.

Then, I went online checking my facebook. Good news pouring in. I met many of my old campus mates adding each other up via our own facebook group. It makes me happy finding them and getting their updates on life and whereabouts. We promised to organise a reunion soon. It's nice.
Thank you Facebook :)

I just got a new job. Something that I always wanted to do. This time, it's education. Yeah, I know. I did it again! Changing jobs like changing my party dress. Hehehe... I needed a change of cloth and I got it from a different shop. Not the usual one. You got what I mean. And this time....
Thank you, Jobstreet :)

While writing this, I was feeling full after eating a delicious grilled chicken burger by a friend's treat. I was saved from hunger and craving of real food. Here I am typing away my happiness using my favourite laptop on my comfy bed. I was feeling blessed and happy over the turn out of events. God sure has mercy on me. It couldn't be more beautiful than now. I owe it to many people who were always by my side in all my ups and downs. Most of all, one stood out from the rest, and that's, my best buddy.
Thank you, partner :)

And last but not least, thank you, God. Alhamdullillah for a wonderful life.

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