Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deepavali Nal Valthukal

Siddharth Narayan in 180 movie (2011)
Priya Anand in 180 movie (2011)
 Today is Deepavali Day for the Hindus all over the world celebrating the triumph of good over evil. There's a lot of symbolism in celebrating Deepavali Day but only the Hindus will be able to correctly share it with you all, not yours truly. 

Lights brighten the darkness, bring up happiness and twinkle into children's eyes. Simple and it's a reason enough to call for a celebration. YEAY!

Every year I had the honour to share this joyous celebration with my Hindu Friends. They will invite me to their house for lunch. I love Indian food especially the Mutton Kurma/Curry with Tomato/Briyani Rice. I just love it! YUMMY! 
Being Malaysian, we are proud with our Open House concept. Whenever there is a Deepavali, a Chinese New Year or a Hari Raya, we will share it with everyone in regardless. A supposedly a day celebration turns out to be a month long celebration for all. Everyone is literally invited. You just go to the houses and enjoy the meal and get to know new people. They say, be open a bit. Go to Open Houses. LET'S GO!

I love Tamil Movies nowadays more than I love Hindi Movies. Although both are from India, I prefer the Tamil stream. In the 90s, the Malays were crazy about Hindi Movies and myself included. I reached the peak of my craziness over Hindi Movies during Shah Rukh Khan's era. It started with 'Dil To Pagal He' then 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hei'. Then I followed every single movie acted by Shah Rukh Khan until the early years of 2000. After sometime, it became very boring to me, so I hardly follow the industry. 

Vijay and Asin in Sivakasi (2005)
Most Malays love Hindi Movies because of the beautiful and handsome actors in it. They are like a perfection and the ultimate beauty a human being can be. Nevertheless in comparison, Tamil Movies, had a better plot, much to be appreciated for compared to the Hindi's. Unfortunately they were being pushed aside because they lacked the glamour and the good looks that people fantasised. These are the obvious reasons why Tamil movies were not watched as much as Hindi movies in the 90s. Films are our main detraction and escapism from the real life, plump looking actresses dancing with not so gorgeous looking heroes are definitely not a good idea to attract international audience. But still, one exception to the rules was Rajinikhan. I LOVE HIM THEN AND NOW!

The first Tamil Movie that really got me hooked was Padayappa (1999 movie). What a touching story and a great plot. I saluted Rajni Khan and he became my favourite new hero. I was blown away with his acting in Chandramurkhi (2005). Everyone should watch this superb movie. You will not get disappointed. I watched Jeans (1998) although a bit late to find it out but not disappointing. Surprisingly because Aishwarya Rai was in it. LOL!
Rajni Khan in Padayappa (1999)

Hindi Movies are becoming boring obviously with endless typical love stories. They ran out of ideas. However, Tamil Movies have becoming better each day with rare story line. The plot will have rich cultural learning and socio-political issues weaved so gently into the film. I just love it. It's like watching a documentary of Indian cultural and historical background. You could learn so much from just watching one movie. I LOIKE IT!

Tamil Movies have come to a new phase. Hindi Movie Industry (Bollywood) is now being replaced by Tamil Movie Industry (Kollywood). The once not so attractive actors/actresses have now been replaced by the hot looking, drop dead gorgeous heros/heroins. You can see it  yourselves. Beginners with Tamil Movies might get a surprise that they will not be able to differentiate whether it's a Hindi or a Tamil movie. They even had great songs that the global audience can appreciate. And watch closely, you might recognised places in the movies because Malaysia is their favourite shooting country too. KOLLYWOOD is GLOBAL!

I had great fun as always during Deepavali Holiday. Here, I would like to wish all of you Hindus out there who stumbled upon this posting; A very Happy Diwali, Deepavali Nal Valthukal. May the spirit of light illuminates our heart and life with happiness and love forever and ever. MWAH! MWAH!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

When You're Gone

Lotus in a lake of Paya Indah Wetland.
Today is the 5th month anniversary of my Mom's demised. The wound is pretty much still raw. I can still feel the pain. I miss my Mom so badly. Especially now when I have so much to tell her about my life. It feels so empty and so lonely not having her around. Five months ago, 2 weeks before her unexpected parting from us, I received an unexpected call from her. Instead of voicing her own pain, she was expressing her concern about the state of affair. She gave me her last advice. And all the words were implanted in my mind. She would have been really happy if she knew that I have been a better person because of her. She worried about me a lot. I had to assure her every time, that I am doing well staying away from home. So sad... I can only pray for her now. And still I felt that it's not enough.  

How sad... it's been exactly five months now. If you really love a person, can you really forget her/him in an instant? I just wonder because I really don't know. One thing I really know is that when I love a person, my love is so unconditional. I love with my whole heart and soul. And if that person is gone, I will mourn that person as much as a loved one deserved to be mourned. I will treasure the memories of that loved one as much as good memories should be treasured. And most of all, I would pray for my loved one forever as long as I live.

How can you forget? No. I don't think I can forget. 

How can you replace? No. I don't think anyone could replace my beloved Mom.

And yesterday, mark the day my father remarried. It was a mixed emotion. I just don't know what to call it. And I still cry for my Mom :(

Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Feel Wonderful

When writing this first sentence, I was thinking real hard what to write. Hahaha!

Grilled chicken burger, a treat.
Okay, I found out that blogger has given us more choices in showcasing our blogs. I am trying this new dynamic view with the new designer's template. I think it's awesome. It makes my blog look more organised and professional. Like flipping through an e-magazine. You can view it in any ways that pleases you. Check it out, folks.
Thank you, Blogger :)

Coming back from work today, I left my purse in the office. Realisation came too late because I already reached the clinic. Lucky me, it's a friend's clinic, so I wouldn't have to pay almost all the time. I got my MC so off I go home to take some rest. Not feeling well of course.
Thank you, doctor :)

Then I realised that I was hungry too. How was I suppose to buy food with no money? My mind started to think ways to get food without paying. I can simply call any of my friends but I dismissed the idea. How? How? Finally, I figured, not that I will die of hunger. I still have some rations at home. I cooked myself an instant noodle. That's my lunch. I fell asleep immediately afterwards on the sofa while watching Astro TV on 'Keeping up with the Kardashian'. Then the love song of a 'tekukur tanah' woke me up. The bird is back singing at my hanging garden, courting on females. I smiled happily.
Thank you, birdy :)
Borrowed someone's car.

Then, I went online checking my facebook. Good news pouring in. I met many of my old campus mates adding each other up via our own facebook group. It makes me happy finding them and getting their updates on life and whereabouts. We promised to organise a reunion soon. It's nice.
Thank you Facebook :)

I just got a new job. Something that I always wanted to do. This time, it's education. Yeah, I know. I did it again! Changing jobs like changing my party dress. Hehehe... I needed a change of cloth and I got it from a different shop. Not the usual one. You got what I mean. And this time....
Thank you, Jobstreet :)

While writing this, I was feeling full after eating a delicious grilled chicken burger by a friend's treat. I was saved from hunger and craving of real food. Here I am typing away my happiness using my favourite laptop on my comfy bed. I was feeling blessed and happy over the turn out of events. God sure has mercy on me. It couldn't be more beautiful than now. I owe it to many people who were always by my side in all my ups and downs. Most of all, one stood out from the rest, and that's, my best buddy.
Thank you, partner :)

And last but not least, thank you, God. Alhamdullillah for a wonderful life.


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