Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Bird Connection

Nicely snuggled within my plants

Tekukur Tanah nesting on my hanging pot
I have been noticing a trend in my life that birds love me (the real bird, mind me). Any where I go, I will have a story to tell about bird. Now like a psycho, I am but not really. It's an observation of our surroundings that made me more aware of other living things around us. When I was in Botanical Garden in Putrajaya working for about a year. I have this habit of greeting birds every morning. I love them because bird tells you time. When a person should be going out working and when a person should be going back home. Just be still and hear the sounds of bird chirping. For this, I am grateful of their existence. My morning wouldn't be cheerful without greeting them a good morning. The cheerful sound of birds chirping signifying the starting of a day.  

In the botanical garden of Putrajaya, where I used to work, I had a pet bird (in the dove family) which I called Lucky Dog (because I found it during Dog Year of CNY 2006). It was still very small and bald. We found it under a tree but can't locate its nest. So I took it back to the office. Without intending to, I and nurse it till it grew all its feathers and becoming tamed. I could play with it, walking down the garden while my Lucky Dog quietly sat on my shoulder. I feel like having a hawk instead of a pigeon. It just sat there following me around with no objection. May be it thought me as its mother. Me and my Lucky Dog, the world seemed so beautiful until the tragedy. My friend took it home and it died in the hands of a naughty cat of his. I cried. THE END.  

Not long after the demised of my Lucky Dog, I found another weird bird. It's very small, very black and has a  tiny very red eyes. I can't figure out what type it was. Not a familiar bird to me. It was found hopping the pavement nearby my office and when I went near, it didn't go away. I touched it. It just let me. I put it on my shoulder in remembrance of my Lucky Dog and it sat on my shoulder with no effort. A bit naughty this one though, sometimes it climbed up to the top of my head and back to the shoulder again. I played with it for awhile, then I thought, what a weird little bird. I got a bit scared. How come this little bird could be this tame when I just found it not an hour ago. So I pushed it away, shooing it to fly but it didn't want to go away. It just stared at me. Determinedly I put it on my arm, like a hawk sitting on the arm. I took it far within the garden, near a bridge, I put it down and again shooed it away. It didn't move. Just stood there looking at me with its head a bit tilted like he recognised me or something. At that time, I got frightened. I ran off to my office and never look back. Superstitious belief. THE END

In Mulu, less than a week residing there, as I was working at the jungle resort, sparrow made its nest on floor mop which I leaned on a wall at the balcony. Of all the balconies near that area, it chooses mine and on top of my mop some more. However, I can not allow it to reside there, I need to use the mop very often. It just started the nest so I figured, the bird will have to relocate :) Sorry. THE END.  

Now I have moved to a new place. A five-storey apartment. My unit is at the highest with one small balcony in front the living hall. I had many pots of roses and hanging pots of orchids and other plants filling up the whole space. I just moved less than 3 months ago but every single morning, my balcony already attracting birds. One particular type, a 'tekukur tanah'  loves to hang out at my hanging pots. At first, only one tekukur, then came another. It seemed that my balcony has become a courting place for them. One night, I watered the pots and to my disbelieve, a bird flew out of one pot. I looked into the pot and saw two tiny eggs inside. I felt miserable about pouring water onto it. The eggs might not hatched. However, the mother came back to sit on it and always there every single day. The male will come too at times. I hope all is okay. Still I think the eggs can not hatched. And I was right, after a week, the mother left the eggs abundant. Probably it knew the eggs have no more lives. I have killed it. Huwaaaa!!!! THE END.

The tekukur is my best friend in regardless, it came to the balcony every morning and rest on the pots in the afternoon. Usually I will know the time by listening to their sounds. They made beautiful sounds, these tekukur tanah. Almost like its family, the 'merbuk' (spotted dove).  Every morning from 8-10am, it will come chirping or just sat there on my pots. When I came near, it just let me. I talked to them sometimes.
One of my proud roses at the balcony
which reminds me of my mom.
I called this soft pink coloured rose, Mom's Rose.

Birds are not like men, you can talk to them any time you like. They just listen and do not talk back. Hahaha! THE END. 


  1. Hi Liz, this one of the best blog postings I've read. Love your style of story telling....and I was really enjoying myself reading thru.
    It is most unsual about birds being attracted to you. Good fung shui.
    When a bird comes to stay, or builds a nest in your house vicinity, good fung shui.
    Pity about that lucky dog. Kesian la.

    I too past 2 years been watching a mother dove laying eggs on a tree just next to my car park, couple of feet above.
    And watched every day till the eggs hatched, till the babies flew away.
    I love doves, and their cooing.
    And you're right, they tell us the time.

    You are a very sentimental young lady. good for you.
    That picture of you and the rose is very nice, and you sure one very attractive young lady, *wink*.
    Have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.

  2. Liz, me mind I enquire you a Malay or Kadazan or Bidayu, someone from Sabah, Sarawak?
    Just curious.....ha ha.

  3. Hi Liz, we all have our own little secrets, of the past, the good, the not so good....
    but the strong will pull thru.
    And you going about it the right way....

    I always say whatever it is, to cross that bridge, if bad, cry a river....then smile as it was once ours.

    I myself have gone thru hell and high water....2 women I love broke my heart, one betrayed me 2 weeks before I asked her to be my wife...
    Another one, age and my career....she twice my age.
    But behind every dark cloud there is always a silver lining....
    I later found my wife, or rather she found me.

    So, keep that song in your heart....Lee.



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