Friday, March 04, 2011


I believe in miracles. Miracles happen because God wills it to happen. Just like that. MAGIC! When I am in deep trouble, I said to myself, something good will happen. IMPOSSIBLE is 'I-m-possible'.  And it is true most of the times, miracles do happened.

Nothing comes easy in this life. Everyday is a struggle. Anybody who didn't struggle in any parts of their life means they do not know what real life is all about. Going to school for an instance, to some kids, it's a struggle. Why did some kids cry on their first day in classroom? It was because they were struggling with the new environment, new friends and new chapter in life. I did too during my time. 

In the office, why was it a struggle? It could be the sales target is a struggle to achieve or a boss is a struggle to please and etc. Different people face different struggles or challenges in their everyday lives. 

I have been thinking for many days what more can I write here in this blog. It was a struggle. I could not be writing too much about myself now because I was reminded about revealing too much on the net might do me no good. People are manipulating other people's stuff for no particular reasons nowadays. It bothers me a lot. But that's a different story. 

I came back late from work today. Almost 12 midnight. I saw a commotion outside the entrance of my condo. It seemed that a lady has jumped down from the 12th floor and the forensic police were doing their investigation.  So I had to enter the condo from a different door. As I was on my floor, I looked down the corridor's balcony and I could see clearly the woman sprawled on beds of spider lilies (a type of plant). So elegantly sprawled. I give her credit for landing herself so elegantly, face-up with one hand over her head. A beautiful but painful death. 

I took a shower as I usually did before sleep. Then it makes me think. What struggles in life she had been through? Why she decided to end her life? Then I realised, some people just can't handle problems so they choose the easiest way out, i.e. commit suicide

It makes me think further. Why am I still alive?

My mind went silent for awhile :(

.... and finally I got it. I am still alive, because I still believe in God. Life is something very special. It's a gift. We have no rights to take life away because it is not even a choice. Only God knows when my time will end. My story is yet to be written. I got more chapters to go. So here I am writing, still. 

.... and most importantly, I believe in MIRACLES. Whatever that is. And I believe in myself. Yea... feels better now (:

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