Saturday, March 05, 2011


How do I fix it? Urghh!!!!
It's another emotional day for me when my car broke down in the middle of the DUKE (Duta-Ulu Klang Expressway) highway. I just started my day with lots of plan in mind but hadn't got to do it at all because of the incident. 

It's not just the car temperature that went up. My temperature went sky high too! At first I got so panic, I called the nearest person to me because that's how women usually did when they were in distress. To let their loved ones know about it because it made them feel better by just telling them the problem. Not hoping them to solve it!!! Instead of a shoulder to cry on, all I get was a scold for being negligence and ignorance. However, I was lucky to have a good friend with me, so he accompanied me throughout the predicament. Thank God for that.  I love you my friend (:

Since the day was Friday, things moved so slowly. People didn't feel like working on Friday. They lagged and they took their own sweet time. I was there since 11.00am but they only began to touch my car at 2.00pm. I had no choice but to fix my car there because it was stuck, can not be moved anymore.

Believe me, it was a long wait. A painful, most unbearable wait, ever in my life. I got the car back at 10.00pm. It's just an 11 hours wait. When all the shops around has been closed for the weekend and when my temper and patience have been reduced to nil. After much heart wrenching conversations on the phone with many people and knowing none of them could come to my rescue, after tears of frustrations and of a heart break because non of them people I called could give me relieve; finally I got my car. 

It was finally FIXED! But I got more things to FIX. 

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