Friday, January 14, 2011

Malaysia without Malay, Chinese or Indian???

We make good of what we've got. Breaking something that is already a foundation
will only make it crumbled to pieces that the structure will never be as strong as before.
Lately, the racial tension in Malaysia has becoming more apparent to the point that it bothers me to write it in my political-free, peace loving, nature inspired blog. As a Malaysian, I really love this country because of its moderation in all areas of life especially in religion and racial tolerance of its people. Now, I no longer feel the harmony of these things in our everyday lives.

The Chinese and Indians are making noise about equality, meritocracy, liberty in this and that, fixing of history facts and acknowledgement of this and that. While the Malays are so into themselves, not listening one pint of the complain and becoming more and more intolerant of the rest of Malaysians that are non-Malays.

Sigh.... sigh... sigh... How sad and how disappointed I am with all these nonsense.

Speaking in general, the Chinese are the ones who control the economy, while the Indians are wonderfully good orators and professionals such as lawyers and doctors. The Malays are catching up in terms of economy and in professional work force due to continuous support from our Government. So now, all races in Malaysia thought that we all should be equal. Well, if given it up to me, I don't give a hoot about all these because I am the believer that all human are the same accept we are born into different families and different countries. God's creations should be proud to even be given life in this universe and shouldn't be segmenting ourselves by race, religion or status. We should practice good behaviour and do good deeds. No ill feelings towards others, never ever being greedy and stop being selfish.

Many blogs written things bad about each other. Some are quite fair and unbiased in their facts but many are so racist and degrading to the point that makes one want to scream out vulgar words of anger and hate. 

Hey, Malaysians, have you all lost your minds! Why are we fighting and bickering with each other. Can't we all be nice and more understanding of one another. Malaysia wouldn't be an interesting place to live in if we were just all Malays or all Chinese or all Indians. How do you feel eating nasi lemak every single day of your lives. Bored, right. We need varieties and we need change once in awhile.

We get to enjoy our famous delicacies like roti canai and tosai because of the Indians. We know to enjoy Yong Tau Fu, Kuih Bulan and Biskut Tambun because of the Chinese. The Malays are undeniably has its root linked so closely to Thailand and Indonesia, therefore our food and culture very much similar to of our neighbours. Why want to make a big fuss about it? We all enjoy satay, rendang and nasi lemak. So lets just continue enjoying all these in peace and harmony. Who cares where it was originated from and who invented the recipes in the first place. What matters is as Malaysian, we make it taste good and everybody loves it.

If we keep on talking about our differences, definitely there will never be a happy solution because our minds are set to what we think is right. Malay, Chinese and Indian, in general terms, we all have far too much differences in language, religion, custom and even our looks which was obvious. The only way to co-exist as a country is to practice tolerance and respect via deep understanding of each other's language, religion, custom and what so ever that is needed to make it happen.

I would be happy if all school in Malaysia has one system standardised in all schools. It should teach our children the correct version of Malaysia history based on well researched facts, making language as a compulsory subject which also includes Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil and English and finally to include religion subject as well to be compulsory (religion subject in scholarly term) which includes all three main beliefs that is Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism so that our children knows the foundation of all these three main religions and not be prejudiced or misunderstood. We can see many an incident whereby our society is still not understanding one another's belief and culture that we sometimes trespassed the boundaries of decorum when handling fragile matters of the society. 

Enough said about what's bothering me lately. I know I am not really specific and factual in my argument but that's the point. I don't want to be too specific to the point of debate. This is just an expression of concern of what we Malaysian have become.



  1. I agree with you!

  2. Hello Saga. Thank you for dropping by and leave your comment here. Glad you agree too :)


  3. Anonymous7:39 am

    Fucking racist blog

    Fuck you, Malay.



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