Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hablul Minanas

This 5-year old Darshini Selvam. One of the unfortunate
children from House of Trinity
Every year I made a point to always do something for the society in gratitude of my humble existence as a human being. In my belief, every person is created with a given purpose and functionality. Everyday we live, it's an 'ibadah' (obedience or worship of God). We wouldn't be on Earth just for nothing. 

Sometimes due to prolonged hardship and failure in life, people choose to blame God or lose faith in God. I am no angel my self and I admit to have had feelings like that too, sometimes. But when I really analysed the situation, I realised that it has hidden lessons or messages that are unavoidable. We become better with every experience. 

Even if we don't believe in God, personally I take this life very simple. DO GOOD, THE GOOD COMES and DO BAD, THE BAD COMES. In Buddhism and Hinduism it is called KARMA. But as a Muslim, I do not believe in Karma as what the Buddhists or the Hindus believe. Instead, I believe in fate and destiny. Our lives are predestined or fated before we were even born. We can not run away from what is fated by God. 

So I believe we do not live just for ourselves. We must live for the others too. That is called hablul minanas (human to human relationship) and our faith in God is hablul minaAllah (human and God relationship). A person's life is not just about worshipping God but also to be aware of his/her surrounding. That will make our lives complete. 

A simple example is when we helped a blind person to cross one busy street. How that makes you feel? You feel good inside, isn't it. Feel good means being happy with ourselves. It's medicine for our soul. Anything to do with another human being, like feeding the poor, be good to your neighbours, helping the orphans, take good care of our parents and many more; all these are ibadah under the hablul minanas. Uppss.... too religious, you think so? Well, some lessons in school stay with you forever. Should give credit to my teachers for this (:

Try to make sense of what I am writing here, can you? Actually my beat around the bush thingy here was about the event I went on last Saturday. Every year as Marketing and PR person, I did CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for the companies I worked with. Every festive seasons and every extra budget means my chance of doing good to others, usually orphans and old folks. Last year I quit my position in the corporate world, so I thought I would not get the chance to meet up with my usual crowd. This is foolish thinking, I know. I shouldn't be riding on my employer's budget to do charity work, isn't it. Now I feel bad. Huhu...

Well, to make it short, I got an opportunity that was unplanned for. I swear I got nothing to do with it. I went through another experience in life that confirmed my believe in God's fate. My path crossed again this time with orphans that I made CSR programmes with previously. Not one orphanage, but two! It was an amazing feeling. I had great time with the kids and towards the end of the event, it made everyone feel good, i.e. the kids, the volunteers, the organiser and myself!

The kid in the photo, Darshini, she's 5 years old. She's the latest member of House of Trinity, an orphanage in Petaling Jaya district. She has a mother but the mother was irresponsible enough to leave her in the care of a hapless grandmother. The grandmother later turned her into the orphanage just a little more than a month ago. According to the caretaker, this little girl never tasted chicken or drink Milo in her whole 5 years of existence. I was speechless. She's so cute and adorable. She looked happy to be with the rest of her new family now. I know that she's in the good hands. That's all that matters. 

This is only one of the story you hear about unfortunate people. There are lots of sad stories out there. As a human being, we can not be selfish with our lives. Share it as much as you can with others in regardless of their faith or colours. Trust me, you will feel happier and better living this way. 

Take care for now. Have to go to sleep. Goodnite (:


  1. Ms. Liz:

    So long that i havent visited u here fr ages..where are u now?... just read yr comment on my entry in july 2006 on being alone.. it did touch me.. reading it again and again... many thanks

    Take care sis


  2. Salam Wan SK,

    My Goodness! Lamanya tak dengar khabar berita. Where have you been, my dear fried. If you're talking about 2006, it's been almost 5 years now!

    At times, I tried to locate back all my blogger friends but thought you have stopped blogging for good.

    I am still living in KL and no longer working full time with any organisation. Am doing a landscaping business as well as clothing and volunteering work here and there. To tell you the truth I am a bit lost in this world. AGAIN! Hahaha!

    However, I am so happy to catch up with you after so long. Hope you will continue your blog. Share some of your experiences and life a bit with all of us.

    Take care Wan (:



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