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Sigh seeing at the Tangkuban Perahu with volcano crate
A week after Eid 2010, four of us sisters went travelling together to West Java. It would have been the most perfect all sisters trip but unfortunately two can't make it due to other commitments. It was kind of sad because I wished all of us were there sharing every fantastic moments in Bandung, Ceribon and Manjaleka. Our last family vacation was in Cameron Highland in year 1991 when my parents celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary. All of us sisters were there with then only smaller family members.

Sisters shopping at the Pasar Baru Bandung. The youngest
didn't like the less glamour part of the city
So this trip we were taking was not just leisure, it's more to business cum leisure kind of thing. My eldest sister, Along who is often going to Bandung and Jakarta for her business needs took us for a tour this time, teaching us where to find things especially now that I too have jumped into the same business. Heee....

Cool weather at Tankuban Perahu, we were
eating red berries and strawberries,
the sweetest we've ever tasted. 

Nice oil painting for RM17 a piece in Ceribon
Our first stop was Bandung. We touched down to the airport around afternoon. The flight took about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Bandung Airport. We went straight to our hotel in Progo Street where everything was within walking distance. Then the shopping spree began. First shopping was the bridal materials where Along took us to Pasar Baru Bandung. You can find almost anything over there at a very reasonable price. Of course way cheaper than in Kuala Lumpur. However, some of the things needed to be bargained because knowing Malaysians like to shop there, more and more shoppers were trying their luck to squeeze more out of your pocket. Can't blame them for trying (:

The most pink guava I've ever seen without worms (:

I didn't buy many things in Bandung, I only bought things I rarely find in KL, not the usual stuffs like clothings and handbags because I still feel that nothing compares to Kuala Lumpur when it comes to high fashion and quality. Oh no, not those branded factory items as well. Instead, I bought lingeries and girdle (because it is of acceptable quality and its dirt cheap), a replacement shoes (my feet hurt by long hours of walking and standing), a very nice cotton embroidered 'telekung' (Muslim woman's prayer attire) for myself and my friend who requested for me to buy and a couple of oil paintings. The rest of my pocket money went to food and transportation. It's not as cheap as people expect it to be. For food, you can't simply eat the roadside food without knowing the cleanliness and source of their raw materials. We ate only at the proper eateries which of course expensive. In regardless, we still had stomach ache.
Less than RM2 a piece. Nice and comfy who doesn't want to buy (:

Shopping in a muddied area of the biggest market in somewhere
between Ceribon and Manjaleka, I can't remember the name
I have forgotten most of the details of our journey, so I guess the pictures will tell you the story.
Model pose by our little sister and bigger sisters at each sides

We get to stay at our friend's house too (:

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