Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hablul Minanas

This 5-year old Darshini Selvam. One of the unfortunate
children from House of Trinity
Every year I made a point to always do something for the society in gratitude of my humble existence as a human being. In my belief, every person is created with a given purpose and functionality. Everyday we live, it's an 'ibadah' (obedience or worship of God). We wouldn't be on Earth just for nothing. 

Sometimes due to prolonged hardship and failure in life, people choose to blame God or lose faith in God. I am no angel my self and I admit to have had feelings like that too, sometimes. But when I really analysed the situation, I realised that it has hidden lessons or messages that are unavoidable. We become better with every experience. 

Even if we don't believe in God, personally I take this life very simple. DO GOOD, THE GOOD COMES and DO BAD, THE BAD COMES. In Buddhism and Hinduism it is called KARMA. But as a Muslim, I do not believe in Karma as what the Buddhists or the Hindus believe. Instead, I believe in fate and destiny. Our lives are predestined or fated before we were even born. We can not run away from what is fated by God. 

So I believe we do not live just for ourselves. We must live for the others too. That is called hablul minanas (human to human relationship) and our faith in God is hablul minaAllah (human and God relationship). A person's life is not just about worshipping God but also to be aware of his/her surrounding. That will make our lives complete. 

A simple example is when we helped a blind person to cross one busy street. How that makes you feel? You feel good inside, isn't it. Feel good means being happy with ourselves. It's medicine for our soul. Anything to do with another human being, like feeding the poor, be good to your neighbours, helping the orphans, take good care of our parents and many more; all these are ibadah under the hablul minanas. Uppss.... too religious, you think so? Well, some lessons in school stay with you forever. Should give credit to my teachers for this (:

Try to make sense of what I am writing here, can you? Actually my beat around the bush thingy here was about the event I went on last Saturday. Every year as Marketing and PR person, I did CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for the companies I worked with. Every festive seasons and every extra budget means my chance of doing good to others, usually orphans and old folks. Last year I quit my position in the corporate world, so I thought I would not get the chance to meet up with my usual crowd. This is foolish thinking, I know. I shouldn't be riding on my employer's budget to do charity work, isn't it. Now I feel bad. Huhu...

Well, to make it short, I got an opportunity that was unplanned for. I swear I got nothing to do with it. I went through another experience in life that confirmed my believe in God's fate. My path crossed again this time with orphans that I made CSR programmes with previously. Not one orphanage, but two! It was an amazing feeling. I had great time with the kids and towards the end of the event, it made everyone feel good, i.e. the kids, the volunteers, the organiser and myself!

The kid in the photo, Darshini, she's 5 years old. She's the latest member of House of Trinity, an orphanage in Petaling Jaya district. She has a mother but the mother was irresponsible enough to leave her in the care of a hapless grandmother. The grandmother later turned her into the orphanage just a little more than a month ago. According to the caretaker, this little girl never tasted chicken or drink Milo in her whole 5 years of existence. I was speechless. She's so cute and adorable. She looked happy to be with the rest of her new family now. I know that she's in the good hands. That's all that matters. 

This is only one of the story you hear about unfortunate people. There are lots of sad stories out there. As a human being, we can not be selfish with our lives. Share it as much as you can with others in regardless of their faith or colours. Trust me, you will feel happier and better living this way. 

Take care for now. Have to go to sleep. Goodnite (:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Live it Fabulous

I watched a fabulous show today, "LIVE TO DANCE" the American version of "GOT TO DANCE". God I love GOT TO DANCE the UK dance show with its three fabulous judge namely Kimberly Wyatt (from Pussycat Dolls), Ashley Banjo (Winner of Britain's Got Talent Show with his group Diversity) and Adam Garcia (Australian actor and tap dancer). Now the American version, LIVE TO DANCE, Paula Abdul made it more fabulous with her charming and loving character. Kimberly was in it too, may be to retain the world audience of this show with Travis Payne (choreographer known for working with Michael Jackson on his "This is It" concert before his demise). 

These two shows, GOT TO DANCE and LIVE TO DANCE are great shows that inspire, motivating and touching to the audience. It was great to see dreams fulfilled and great talents discovered. It makes us believe on dreams can become reality. It shows us that every great talents have great stories behind it. Sometimes the moments were so intense, it made you cry. Huhuhu.... well I did. May be because I am such a cry baby. Who cares. 

Another fabulous thing to watch is the E Channel Fashion Police for the Golden Globe 2011 Award. Love fashion tremendously and those celebs really give you great inspiration in fashion and for myself to get more ideas of my next fashion competition (if there will be any). Haha... 

My personal best dress award goes to Olivia Wilde (the 'HOUSE' star). She looks gorgeous with the Cinderella gown. 

Halle Berry is the best for giving great elegant pose for cameras. She worked the gown to the admiration of all to see. Not an easy thing to do. I think, even rags will look good on her. Perfect body and perfect pose. 

 Another actress who knows how to work the gown and how to give great pose to photographers. Megan Fox looks stunning and confident as always. 

Beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones has this timeless classic look about her. Reminding me forever of her Zoro movie. The gown complements her character natural beauty. 

Note: All photos taken from

Friday, January 14, 2011

Malaysia without Malay, Chinese or Indian???

We make good of what we've got. Breaking something that is already a foundation
will only make it crumbled to pieces that the structure will never be as strong as before.
Lately, the racial tension in Malaysia has becoming more apparent to the point that it bothers me to write it in my political-free, peace loving, nature inspired blog. As a Malaysian, I really love this country because of its moderation in all areas of life especially in religion and racial tolerance of its people. Now, I no longer feel the harmony of these things in our everyday lives.

The Chinese and Indians are making noise about equality, meritocracy, liberty in this and that, fixing of history facts and acknowledgement of this and that. While the Malays are so into themselves, not listening one pint of the complain and becoming more and more intolerant of the rest of Malaysians that are non-Malays.

Sigh.... sigh... sigh... How sad and how disappointed I am with all these nonsense.

Speaking in general, the Chinese are the ones who control the economy, while the Indians are wonderfully good orators and professionals such as lawyers and doctors. The Malays are catching up in terms of economy and in professional work force due to continuous support from our Government. So now, all races in Malaysia thought that we all should be equal. Well, if given it up to me, I don't give a hoot about all these because I am the believer that all human are the same accept we are born into different families and different countries. God's creations should be proud to even be given life in this universe and shouldn't be segmenting ourselves by race, religion or status. We should practice good behaviour and do good deeds. No ill feelings towards others, never ever being greedy and stop being selfish.

Many blogs written things bad about each other. Some are quite fair and unbiased in their facts but many are so racist and degrading to the point that makes one want to scream out vulgar words of anger and hate. 

Hey, Malaysians, have you all lost your minds! Why are we fighting and bickering with each other. Can't we all be nice and more understanding of one another. Malaysia wouldn't be an interesting place to live in if we were just all Malays or all Chinese or all Indians. How do you feel eating nasi lemak every single day of your lives. Bored, right. We need varieties and we need change once in awhile.

We get to enjoy our famous delicacies like roti canai and tosai because of the Indians. We know to enjoy Yong Tau Fu, Kuih Bulan and Biskut Tambun because of the Chinese. The Malays are undeniably has its root linked so closely to Thailand and Indonesia, therefore our food and culture very much similar to of our neighbours. Why want to make a big fuss about it? We all enjoy satay, rendang and nasi lemak. So lets just continue enjoying all these in peace and harmony. Who cares where it was originated from and who invented the recipes in the first place. What matters is as Malaysian, we make it taste good and everybody loves it.

If we keep on talking about our differences, definitely there will never be a happy solution because our minds are set to what we think is right. Malay, Chinese and Indian, in general terms, we all have far too much differences in language, religion, custom and even our looks which was obvious. The only way to co-exist as a country is to practice tolerance and respect via deep understanding of each other's language, religion, custom and what so ever that is needed to make it happen.

I would be happy if all school in Malaysia has one system standardised in all schools. It should teach our children the correct version of Malaysia history based on well researched facts, making language as a compulsory subject which also includes Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil and English and finally to include religion subject as well to be compulsory (religion subject in scholarly term) which includes all three main beliefs that is Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism so that our children knows the foundation of all these three main religions and not be prejudiced or misunderstood. We can see many an incident whereby our society is still not understanding one another's belief and culture that we sometimes trespassed the boundaries of decorum when handling fragile matters of the society. 

Enough said about what's bothering me lately. I know I am not really specific and factual in my argument but that's the point. I don't want to be too specific to the point of debate. This is just an expression of concern of what we Malaysian have become.


Saturday, January 08, 2011

Fun ala-Flamenco

Sisters having fun during MARA Family Day ala-flamenco, in Spanish mode
Two days before New Year 2010. It was a grand closing. Four sisters went to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan for a family day event. We had fun at Cape Richardo Resort flashing our own version of a flamenco dress. The theme was Spanish, so we just let our imagination running wild. It's a wild thing indeed. We designed and made our own costumes. Love every moment of it! Mwah! Mwah!


Friday, January 07, 2011


Sigh seeing at the Tangkuban Perahu with volcano crate
A week after Eid 2010, four of us sisters went travelling together to West Java. It would have been the most perfect all sisters trip but unfortunately two can't make it due to other commitments. It was kind of sad because I wished all of us were there sharing every fantastic moments in Bandung, Ceribon and Manjaleka. Our last family vacation was in Cameron Highland in year 1991 when my parents celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary. All of us sisters were there with then only smaller family members.

Sisters shopping at the Pasar Baru Bandung. The youngest
didn't like the less glamour part of the city
So this trip we were taking was not just leisure, it's more to business cum leisure kind of thing. My eldest sister, Along who is often going to Bandung and Jakarta for her business needs took us for a tour this time, teaching us where to find things especially now that I too have jumped into the same business. Heee....

Cool weather at Tankuban Perahu, we were
eating red berries and strawberries,
the sweetest we've ever tasted. 

Nice oil painting for RM17 a piece in Ceribon
Our first stop was Bandung. We touched down to the airport around afternoon. The flight took about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Bandung Airport. We went straight to our hotel in Progo Street where everything was within walking distance. Then the shopping spree began. First shopping was the bridal materials where Along took us to Pasar Baru Bandung. You can find almost anything over there at a very reasonable price. Of course way cheaper than in Kuala Lumpur. However, some of the things needed to be bargained because knowing Malaysians like to shop there, more and more shoppers were trying their luck to squeeze more out of your pocket. Can't blame them for trying (:

The most pink guava I've ever seen without worms (:

I didn't buy many things in Bandung, I only bought things I rarely find in KL, not the usual stuffs like clothings and handbags because I still feel that nothing compares to Kuala Lumpur when it comes to high fashion and quality. Oh no, not those branded factory items as well. Instead, I bought lingeries and girdle (because it is of acceptable quality and its dirt cheap), a replacement shoes (my feet hurt by long hours of walking and standing), a very nice cotton embroidered 'telekung' (Muslim woman's prayer attire) for myself and my friend who requested for me to buy and a couple of oil paintings. The rest of my pocket money went to food and transportation. It's not as cheap as people expect it to be. For food, you can't simply eat the roadside food without knowing the cleanliness and source of their raw materials. We ate only at the proper eateries which of course expensive. In regardless, we still had stomach ache.
Less than RM2 a piece. Nice and comfy who doesn't want to buy (:

Shopping in a muddied area of the biggest market in somewhere
between Ceribon and Manjaleka, I can't remember the name
I have forgotten most of the details of our journey, so I guess the pictures will tell you the story.
Model pose by our little sister and bigger sisters at each sides

We get to stay at our friend's house too (:


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