Thursday, December 02, 2010

Crab or Crap

Eating like pandi (pig), 3 pieces of whole crabs by myself. 

This all that's left.
Ever heard of these; 'you talk like crap' or 'don't talk crap' and even worst 'cut the crap'. I hear these a lot of times even spoken to myself by one particular friend of mine (:

It means, I'm talking nonsense, so stop the nonsense lah. Hahaa... lots of them nonsense here, if you care to read along.

2010 is the least year of blogging for me. So far up to this posting, I only made it to 5 total posting compared to 41 in year 2009. My Goodness! This is so bad! How am I to catch up, then.

So I decided to put up more postings here before the year ends so that the difference won't be so great. It's a humiliation to my record in blogging and I am losing my reader's patience at times. I know. Sorry folks. I'll be more diligent.

All this while, I've been busy in my own fantasy world, some people like to say that about me. I've done lots of unusual activities, fun and not so fun stuffs. Later will write it one by one if you all care to read. 

Eating has been my pass time hobby. I had kind hearted people to sponsor on that. Thank Allah for every morsel that goes into my stomach, I pray for double rewards to be given to the spender (:

Sometimes my eating habit goes beyond comprehension. I ate like a pig or 'pandi' in Tamil (have lots of Indian friends). I am very fussy when it comes to food. Been working with the hospitality line previously, I had the knowledge of how an eatery should be operated, how a customer should be entertained, the cleanliness of the dishes prepared and how it should be tasted. Some of my fellow friends been complaining of my fussiness in food, that they had problems in choosing the right restaurant to bring me out for fear that I won't finish my food.

When I can't finish a dish, it means something is wrong with it without saying. It could be the taste is not correct, it's not clean, found hair in it etc. There's always reasons to it. Sometimes I kept it quiet for not wanting to disturb everyone else's appetite. Later I will tell, but people who know me will immediately catch that something is not right and would often asked why. 

A dear friend of mine always reminded me not to waste food. In some other parts of the world, people don't even have a choice but to eat just about anything they found around them. Of course I knew this a long time ago. But sometimes, you just need someone else around you to remind that again. I agree 100%. We shouldn't be wasting good food blessed by God on our table. We should only eat what we can, and never waste it if possible. 

Because of this good advice which I shall always remember till the end of my life, I sometimes order half 'nasi goreng' or share my plate with others. I won't let my lust for food overpowering the capacity of my stomach which is very little, in fact. So, why would I want to eat full plate of rice when I can only eat half. Make sense isn't it. For mixed rice, I will asked a scoop of rice instead of letting the mamak guy put so much and couldn't finish it. Every time I got an eyebrow raised from the mamak feller. But I am more concern of the scolds I will be getting for not finishing it. And I don't want to ever waste my meal irresponsibly. Most importantly, we must think of the less fortunate people out there who struggled for food unlike us blessed in Malaysia. 

Good eating habit is to eat in moderation although yes Malaysia is known as food heaven. Exercise regularly to keep that cholesterol level under control, and most importantly, try to be a vegetarian once a week. Out of respect for the animals. Give your stomach a break lah sometimes, folks. I practice this once a week, on Thursday as it is easy joining my Hindu friends and I tell you, it feels good. Bodily and spiritually, just like fasting too. Do it on Monday and Thursday like the Muslim does. It's to regulate your health actually, not just because it's religious. There's always a wisdom behind religions. Without religion, we live without rules on this earth. No dos and don'ts. We are just guide-less and clueless, don't you all think so. Well, we just need to think.

"The person I like most is the one who points out my defects."
    Caliph Umar

Holy Crap! Did I sound too religious. Hahaha! That's all folks. Till next posting. Adios!


  1. welcome back....where have u been liza?

  2. Hi Razif,

    I'm still around lah. But been busy with life here and there. Almost forgotten about the blog since the emergence of FB. But then I realised, nothing compares to a real blog. This is the best place to express yourself (:



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