Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taking Chances in the Year of the Tiger

What a massive turn of event. Massive year, massive changes. Life is a gamble indeed. It's all about taking chances and you wouldn't know what the result would be. It's like a trial and error kind of thing.

The year of the Golden Tiger, 2010 is unpredictable and very volatile in nature. For most Chinese, it's a good year to make money but not to marry. Couples who tie a knot on the year of the tiger is believed to be very unsettling, lots of quarrel and disagreement and most fearful is that the man will die earlier than the woman. Huhuuu.... Do not believe this, folks.... You create your own destiny, whatever you may think it would be. So keep that head of yours covered by the positive thinking cap, always.

For myself.... the heat of the tiger year has been felt from the very beginning. Lots of turmoil and disturbances in our world at large but at the same time obvious positive changes in the world's economy which is welcome by all. True to its name, a tiger of vivacious angry yet smart nature, the year moves on extremely volatile. Changes are more towards positive than the negative. Hope it will stay that way as long as God permits.

Drastic and massive changes are in order for me. I am embarking on a new journey. I belief in signs all around me. Signs sent by Almighty to guide you along the way. I saw it everywhere. In my dreams, in the people I love, in the nature and in the turn of unexpected events that leads you to the right path.

I saw many many doves passing by in front of my car on an elevated busy highway, recently. An amazing scene. Very beautiful and almost surreal. They flew so low, like almost touching my windshield. It created wonderful feelings inside of me.


Dove signifies many good things. I represents freedom. It is widely related to pure love. It symbolises peace. It is also a harbinger of hope which is very powerful in life. Always remember that whenever you are in the verge of breaking down, never ever lose hope even when there's nothing else to hang on to. It's enough just to hang on to your hope.


Coming soon... H.O.P Clothing Line. My passion, my precious baby in the making (:


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