Friday, April 30, 2010

My Fate is SEWN

I took my chances in life again recently by deciding to do things I love doing since I was a child. Something to do with creativity, i.e. fashion designing and sewing.

The trade has been in my blood coming from my mother. She learned sewing during her adolescent years. Someone taught her to take a piece of cloth and turn it into an attire. A lesson learned in a dream. Amazing, isn't it. A supernatural true story. And it went down to all her girls. 6 of us all have this natural talent, came to us by blood.

Creating beautiful things out of my own hands, it's the greatest satisfaction. I can do wonders. That has been said to me and I always wonder how it would benefit me in my everyday life. So I guess, my destiny is to create beautiful things, share it with people and make money out of it. Hahaa...

My first project was with Tourism Malaysia, to produce traditional clothing of Tourism Malaysia Office in China. Myself and my sisters collaborated in producing some 100+ pieces of traditional attire comprising the Malay's, Indian's and Chinese's within 7 days. I immersed myself into a a different world. Another side of me I never knew exist flourished.

The project was completed successfully and I was so proud with myself for being able to use my hands and imaginations to produce all the pieces unbelievably. It was an exhausting work but it was worth it.

Punjabi suits collection.

Malay traditional costumes (Kedah, Johor and Perak State)

Am so proud of my creation. Yeay!

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