Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Looking Back with a Smile

I love all those colours painted on my wall... it makes me happy to look at it everyday. I love all the dents and old look of my car... it makes me humble and reminds me stories of my journey. I love being me... and I love my old car (:

When you have reached that juncture in life; one straight highway, and one winding road, which one will you take?

I will always take that winding road. Simply because, I want to enjoy a better view. Take all my own sweet time to reach my destination and I might stop for awhile to explore more (:

I want to enjoy every moment, breath the air, feel the breeze and taste whatever that keeps me going. My heart might be broken, stolen or shattered by those I stumbled upon. But it's okay. Some living creatures made my day. It takes two to tango. I could not have done it alone because ACTION CREATES REACTIONS. When I die, I will leave a trace of my existence. Let it be remembered that I was there... on that winding road.

My ultimate purpose in this life is... to serve God and to be there for the living. I will only look back with a smile and keep on walking that winding road...

Farewell 2009. Welcome 2010!


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  • If it's not you, who else!
  • Love your country. Keep it SAFE & GREEN...