Friday, October 23, 2009

Light up your Life

Deepavali means 'row of lights' is Sanskrit and also known simply as 'Festival of Lights' in all over the world. It signifies the triumph of good against evil based on the Hinduism belief. To be exact, Deepavali marks the return of Lord Raama to his kingdom Ayodhya after defeating Ravana - the ruler of Lanka in the epic story of Ramayana. It also celebrates the slaying of the demon king Narakasura by Lord Krishna. Both signifying the victory of good over evil (Cut and paste from Wikipedia about Diwali/Deepavali).

I had a great reunion with all that matters to my heart on Deepavali Day. The only thing that I regret was not having my camera with me to instill the memory of being together with the people I hardly see nowadays. I had no photos to show it here. Huhuhu...

Multiculturalism makes us a richer person if only we are willing to embrace the diversity that surrounds us. I honestly don't understand why some people are hesitant in exploring this gift that globalisation has given us to enjoy. The older this world gets, the more diverse we will be until one day all of us will not be able to recognise our true colour, race and origin. However, I would admit that one thing that might stay when you die is your religion. So choose your own belief and respect others’ belief as well.

Imagine mix marriages and migrations, what it would do to a person or a family’s origin and heritage? It will definitely create a whole new different generation. A person from mix parentage will have more than one claim to his/her inheritance. Say a Chinese married to an English. The children will have Chinese and English heritage and a whole new identity as a person. Then the Chinese-English person married to an Indian-French person. The children will have an even glorious cultural mix of Chinese-English-Indian-French. The world will be smaller than you think it is.

Thinking about it, human beings are made the same. In my belief, we are all children of Adam, the first man created by God which later disperses all over the world to become a family, a group, a race, a religion and so forth by the environment we live in. There’s no human being that is superior to the other. We are all made the same but what differentiates us is our mind set and for myself, I would add, the heart. It’s all in our mind and our heart. If you allow yourself to love, it will love, if you allow yourself to hate, it will hate.

Ever heard of these phrases, “think before you leap” and “you’re such a heartless person”. BRAIN makes you an intelligent person, but HEART makes you a humane person.

What I am trying to emphasise here is that we should get rid ourselves of racism and cultural biases. Light up the darkness so that we can see. Be a ONE WORLD… a world that embraces everyone.



  1. Selamat Hari Raya haji...looong time no update! Must be really busy bee at new place..all the best.

  2. Hi Rayzeef...

    When are you coming back to Malaysia. Lamanya abroad... I pun sedih lama tak update this blog. Huhuhu.. It's already New Year now!!! One of the new resolution 2010 is to take up writing course because of day in my golden years, I want to be a published writer. Thank you for your continuous support of this blog. Will update it soon (:

    Mwah! Mwah!



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