Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day on Climate Change

I am called to update my blog for a cause. Today is Blog Action Day for all things related to Climate Change. So here I am catching up to update something on the subject so that I won't miss the dateline, i.e. 15th October 2009.

Climate Change or Global Warming is one of the subject I always have interest on. I wrote a few posting about it in the past. Here is one of the most recent one, about global warming. Being a nature person who loves adventure in the jungle and going up to the mountains whichever and whenever I choose and feel right to do so, I hate the fact that climate change will one day snatch away my passion. I don't want the situation of global warming to get worsen. I am very much concern that in the near future, our next generation will not be able to experience the same things that we all enjoy now. For example lots of animals and plants will go to extinction. May be in the tropical climate like in Malaysia, we don't really feel it because it's all-year round sunshine and rain.

May be the understanding of climate change is easier be understood with the example of the ice caps of North and South Pole. The ice that aged millions of years is now melting away which increases the sea level. This then affects the Polar Bear living in the Arctic which habitat needs the ice-cold condition to sustain its living. There you go the simplest explanation to all that doesn't know what is global warming.

As for Malaysian scenario, how global warming impacts us? The most obvious condition will be the uncomfortable living in extreme hot weather or extreme wet weather. Even recently we've already seen, unexpected heavy rain which causes landslides and flooding. Then the unexpected hot temperature which kills the crops and burns the forest. We had to be living in an uncomfortable condition of haze which causes other illnesses.... Global warming will have chain reaction to all on this Planet.

We might think that its nearing THE END OF THE WORLD. Very scary....huhuhu.

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