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Melayu (Malay) House in Paya Indah Wetland, in Dengkil, Selangor - Photo courtesy of Mr. Stoned

EID MUBARAK! to all my Muslim friends and blog readers. It's the joyous celebration after one month of fasting and 'ibadah' (worship to Allah s.w.t). Unlike in other places around the world, Eid celebration in Malaysia has become a Malaysian tradition. The way we celebrate it is totally our own unlike the Arabic culture. It is truly a Malaysian culture by itself and we celebrated it with open houses for exactly one month.

During Ramadhan month, we have the Ramadhan Bazaar in almost every residential areas in town that sells lots of mouth watering dishes for breaking of fast. Some of the delicacies can only be found during the month itself which means only once a year. Therefore, all Malaysians in regardless of creed, race and religion will flock into the bazaar to find the things that they like most. There's surely something for everyone.

Eid is called Hari Raya in Malaysia. Everyone started their preparation of Hari Raya months prior to the special occasion. The most important thing is to have the Hari Raya traditional dresses or Baju Raya. It's a custom that almost everyone wants it to be tailor-made and following the latest trend and design. Being in the family of tailors, we are the busiest people during Ramadhan to get all the dresses sewed on time for Hari Raya.

Apart from baju raya, one more important thing is the kuih raya (small Raya cookies/biscuits). Like in Christmas and Deepavali, all houses must have kuih raya to serve the guests during Eid. The varieties of kuih raya can be as many as 20 types in one house alone. Home-made ones are always the best. Among the most preferred ones are the almond london, bangkit, batang buruk, makmur, suji dan tart nenas. Well... these are what I like.

Then the visiting part. Malaysian will open their houses to just anybody who wants to come for Hari Raya. And being Malaysian, the Malays have adopted the Chinese culture by giving away money packet to children who came to visit. It is called duit raya as a small token for children to make them happy.

As for my Hari Raya, I was sick on the first day. I did not know that I had a gastric pain, therefore I was bed ridden for the whole day unable to don my baju raya like my other siblings and parents. They were worried sick thinking that I was over-worked with the house chores and sewing cloths. My sisters all feeling guilty for getting me involved with the sewing thingy. However, I was back to my vibrant self when my close friends came to the house on second day of Hari Raya. They all took me for a trip to other friends' houses and later to the best place on earth, the WETLAND!

Being always an outdoor person, I just love the outdoor world in harmony with nature. So do all my outdoor friends. Being rough and carefree like we are, our Hari Raya celebration was also one with nature. We went to Paya Indah Wetland in Dengkil, Selangor to visit one of our friend and to explore the place since I had never been there before. It turned out to be very enjoyable and superb outing! All the pictures here are from from the wetland.

Paya Indah Wetland
was initiated by the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in 2001. It is a place for nature enthusiast. Among the activities that can be done are fishing, bird watching, cycling, camping, team building or just contemplating the wonders of nature. It was temporarily closed in 2005 due to financial constrain but was relaunched again in 20th Oct'08 following the Environment Week. Lots of development work is still going on when were there. So it is obvious that it's not fully open to the public yet. As for us, we get to enter the place because our friend Amy works there. She took us on a 4WD ride around the eco-park.

I have high hopes for the Paya Indah Wetland. Being a nature lover to the bone, I will give my full support. In my next visit, I shall be able to cover more story of this wetland. It's important that the next generation understand the importance of wetland and how it contributes to the sustainability of our nature and animal species. This I must do, to educate everyone of the environment conservation and its impact on our lives.

Till then, again EID MUBARAK to all! Mwah! Mwah!


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