Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bless the Children of Adam

Kids and single mothers from Pondok Penyayang Raudhah

Ramadhan is here again. A month that is full of blessing, a month that is beautifully bonding and a month that is meant for sharing and giving. I am truly humbled.

Being in my position, I had the opportunity to do something for the community. Every festive seasons means lots of programmes for the less fortunate. That's one of the reasons I love my job and that's also one of the reasons that I stayed on in this line of duty.

For this holy month of Muslims, we have called orphans from Pondok Penyayang Raudhah, Batu 11, Gombak to share the abundance of Ramadhan Buffet at our famous restaurant, Swez Brasserie. A total of 40 orphans, 3 single mothers and 7 caretakers were present for the buka puasa session accompanied by the hotel management.

I was happy to hear story from the leader, Puan Ummi. She shared some information of the orphanage. They were pretty much independent for they do not get funds from the government. It was established by Ustaz Mokhtaruddin and his family. They have their own business and they are doing some kind of a farming to help ease the burden of day to day expenses. The children were taught to finish up their education and for those who are not into academics, were sent for vocational training. Orphans are aged from 3 months old baby to 20 years old teenagers.

How I wish I could be a rich person that I could give more to the unfortunate people. For the time being, my limited contribution hopefully will bring some kind of joy during this Ramadhan. Hope that Malaysians will always be charitable and giving towards one another in regardless of creed, race and religion. We all are the same red blooded human being. We do not have to see colours for doing good, ya. The rest, leave it to Allah swt to judge. That way, we will not hate, but we will love more.

A gentle reminder to those who are just about to venture into charity. Please know that, orphans, visually impaired people, old folks and physically or mentally challenged people are sometimes very eccentric people. They do not conform to our normal rules, therefore, pardon them for being different. Give with no expectation to receive.

Donation for this home can be made via MAYBANK: 564221610787 or call the home at 03-6185 2068 to arrange for a visit.

Last but not least: "Jangan lupa bayar ZAKAT"


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