Friday, July 31, 2009

Would you marry me? Because I'd like to date you.

I was not feeling my vibrant self yesterday over a family issue. I had a date with my friend, Jasz to watch 'The Proposal' which she took an effort to buy the ticket a day earlier. Three of us girls watching, i.e. Jasz, Dr. Karin and myself.

I told her, this better be good because I really need a good laugh today. Well, being a fan of Sandra Bullock, I know she will not disappoint me.

It turned out to be the best ever romantic comedy for this year! So hilariously witty and touching at the same time.

A story about a Canadian Executive Editor-in-Chief, Margerate Tate of a publishing house, Colden Books who has her visa expired. She quickly came out with a great idea to marry her assistant, Andrew Paxton to save her from being deported back to Canada.

Andrew who was hardworking and desperate to be an editor, agreed with the condition that she promote him to be in that position with an immediate effect. So they made a pact and off they go for a three-day weekend at Andrew's hometown in Alaska to convince the immigration officer that they are a real couple and are getting married. From there on, their love story begins.

Even if the story was predictable but plot was beautiful to no fault and the acting were superb. Sandra Bullock was funny, high class and eccentric, which she made us believe her character very much. Ryan Reynolds was also a good actor. Very natural and cute, playing an assistant and a rich man's son who wants to break away from his family tradition. It makes you love this couple and follow through their story till the end.

I would say it is a modern day love story between a lady boss and her assistant. Hmm... very possible in this time and era.

Hahaha... I give THE PROPOSAL a 5 out of 5!


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